The methods. These analyses require data on

The seismic vulnerability is the inability of buildings to withstand the damaging effects of seismic forces. There are several techniques regarding the assessment of the seismic vulnerability of buildings.

Some countries have their own seismic vulnerability assessment procedures considering local seismicity, local soil conditions, local building types, construction materials and quality practices etc. In this study, depending on the complexity of seismic vulnerability evaluation methods can be classified into two main groups. Walk down Evaluation, is the first and the simplest level.

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The procedures in FEMA 154 (1988), FEMA 310 (1998) Tier 1 and the procedure developed by Sucuoglu and Yazgan (2003) are examples of the walk down survey procedures. In Preliminary assessment methodologies (PAM), the simplified analysis of the building under investigation is performed based on a variety of methods. These analyses require data on the dimensions of the structural and non-structural elements in the most critical story.

However, this paper only focuses on the Level-1 survey.


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