The completely dependent of others to becoming independent

The sequence of development looks at what the expected progression of development of a child from birth through to the ages of 19. Child development relates to the biological, physical changes as well as the emotional and psychological factors which the individual will pass through in the different stages of life, starting at being completely dependent of others to becoming independent and self-governing. The word development includes the different skills and knowledge which the young people are gaining. Practioners look closely to see whether or not a child or young person is following the sequence of expected development and knowledge.

The practioner will then identify as to whether or not needs extra support or if the individual is gifted and needs extensions. There are many factors in which developmental changes can be influenced these can include genetics, events before, during and after birth. Development changes can be caused by maturation which could be caused by the process of genetic control or due to environmental factors, however the pair do not interact.

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Development in children and young people is a continuous life course and is measured in many different ways. The rate of which a child or young person will develop is different to the next child or young person.


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