The the absence of parental support (Lease

The potential contradictions in socio-economic status among these ethnic groups and its consequences must also be considered while evaluating the procured outcomes of negative behaviour among children upon the implementation of the authoritarian parenting discipline. In relation, the lower socioeconomic status (SES) predicts results of harsh parenting practices, that then aids the externalisation of negative behaviors (Meteyer & Jenkins, 2009). Lack of education and lower economic status is also suggested to have a correlation with the authoritarian parenting style, and it is also a common possibility that the parents take control of the decisions and set aspiring targets and goals with high expectations in the families for their children that may be different from the goals of the child themselves.

(Darling & Steinberg, 1993). For instance, some parents may not value and prioritise academics as much as parents practising the authoritarian discipline style and therefore tend to weigh heavy emphasis on obedience and discipline as a more important factor in the child’s overall personality development as an individual. As a matter of fact, although authoritarian parenting is measured in a general environment, it has diverse effects and varied negative child outcomes on gender differences.

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In the case of females, circumstances are severe in the absence of parental support (Lease & Dahlbeck, 2009), leading to appalling outcomes such as clinical depression, social refrain (development of an introvert personality) and fear of the child’s parental figures. While on the other hand, males are negatively effected upon the absence of demandingness (Hart, et. al, 2007), leading to entailing outcomes such as excessive aggression, involvement in unethical activities and juvenile violence, lack of self discipline and poor academic performance as a result of the absence of expectations.


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