The will be remembered for a long time?

The summer is in full swing and the big crossover is drawing near: July and August will be busy, with many families leaving or returning from vacation.

The children are all grown up, and you would like this last family trip before college to be the one that will be remembered for a long time? Here are our suggestions for 5 cars to travel with family to hit travel destinations with teenagers! Beaches, coconut trees – the perfect backdrop for recharging your batteries. A good trip announces a good holiday. Here are 5 cars to travel with your family.Ford Galaxy: The Most SpaciousWith its 4.85 meters, the Ford Galaxy is long, very long. Renewed in 2015, it has a modern design and equipment.

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But its No. 1 asset remains its livability. There is plenty of room on all rows of seats – even the third often uncomfortable seat – and the trunk is gigantic: 300/1301/2339 liters depending on configuration.As from: $30.

000Volkswagen Sharan: the Most PracticalShy in design, the Volkswagen Sharan catches up with its quality of finish and its practical aspects. These include its sliding rear doors and thirty storage spaces in the cabin. Its load volume is also very large. The current generation was released in 2010 but was restyled in 2015.As from: $28,745Dacia Lodgy: The Most EconomicalSmaller (4.50m) than the other models in this selection, the Dacia Lodgy can nevertheless board seven people and overflows in space (up to 2617 liters).

But where it excels is in terms of price: the Romanian minivan is simply unbeatable by costing twice or even three times less than the competition.As from: $12,220Toyota Land Cruiser: the Most VersatileThe Toyota Land Cruiser is the first SUV in this selection. Behind its obvious family possibilities (4,76m) lies a true 4×4 with 60 years’ experience. Integral transmission, central differential with locking possibility, air suspension, adjustable damping.

.. Ideal for family outings without bitumen!As from: $31 080Audi Q7: the Most UpscaleSecond SUV in this ranking, the Audi Q7 is probably one of the most luxurious family vehicles on the market. Put back in the race last year by a new generation, it is as beautiful to look at as it is pleasant to be in. Stock with electronic equipment, it is also the technological flag-bearer of the manufacturer.Popular US Destination For families Traveling With TeenagersThe Keys, FL, USA: One hour from Miami, Key Largo, the diving capital of the world, welcomes you with open arms, as does its underwater statue of Christ. On the way, stop on some of the beautiful beaches in the area, to refresh yourself or taste the crocodile, the local specialty.

For families of explorers, it is possible to go swimming with dolphins or to board a boat whose bottom is glass, ideal for watching the creatures of the sea. Finally, if there is any one thing you should not miss on a trip to Key West it is the famous Key Lime Pie, a delicious local dessert. Do not hesitate to question the locals to find out where the best place to enjoy it is.And before you leave, gather together for a photo around the famous buoy located at the southernmost point of the United States.


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