The the impact of Jack (their father)

The short story “Brother Dear” by Bernice Friesen, talks about the conflict of interest regarding the career aspirations of a brother, and sister with their father. This story focuses on the life of Sharlene and Greg in a town in the prairies called Grassbank. A sister and a brother have the same opinion sbout their future. However they have different attitudes toward their goals. It also describes the impact of Jack (their father) who tries to fulfill his wishes on them to present them achieve their dream. Sharlene is a grade 11 student, she will attend grade 12 next year.

She has a dream to live in Europe a couple year and learn a language or two, but her father wants her to go to the University of Alberta. Greg was studies in the university when he comes back to home, he talks to his father and tells him that he did not take the exam instead he decided to plant trees as a job. At last, Greg decide to leave us and continue his path due to his dreams.

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The main conflict in this story is Person VS Person. For instance, after Greg confessed that he did not take the exam and he is going to quit the school, Jack was shouted: “What the hell are you saying? Not going back to school?” (31).And later on, “He’s ruining his life! If he’d work at it-if you weren’t so damn lazy! ” (31) .This quote is very important because it fully describes the conflicts in their lives. Greg does not want to accept his father’s arrangement for him.

He wants to do the things that he want to do, however Jack thought this was Unrealistic. Jack thought if Greg did not go to university, he would have no chance of success. Dennis is the oldest son of the family and he studies in university, he is in contrast with Greg. The relationship between Dennis and Sharlene is better than Sharlene and Greg. In Jack eyes, Dennis is successful and smart by his standards, while Greg on the other hand, is not. As he has no motivation or no ambition. Although Dennis is a minor character, but he played a very important role in the story.

The author uses the contrast between Dennis and Greg, showing that Dennis is more popular of the other two children, Dennis’s success makes Greg feel insignificant. That’s why Greg decides to leave his parents to pursue his dream. The other conflict in the story is Person VS Self. Sharlene witnesses the conflict between her brother and her father. On the way to the bus stop, Shaelene tries to give advises to her brother and end the conflict between her dad and her brother.

“Why don’t you be like me?”(33) Sharlene tries to convince her brother to be like her, but in response, Greg tells his sister, Sharlene, that he has his own personality and that no matter what others think, he will never change his decision. By talking with Greg, Sharlene gradually begin to understand why his brother wants to leave and starts being influenced by his word, she also had different ideas about her future. “I guess I would like to run away, too. Someday I will — to Europe” (34) There is another instance in the story where setting creates a major conflict, at the beginning of the article, the author describes the town. “The land of sheer boredom” (30) “Living here, in the land of sheer boredom, can make a normally sane person want to rip off her clothes and leap to her death from the top of a grass elevator.

” (26) It can be seen from this as you see in this question?she is tired of her boring life. Seemingly insignificant, but it had an important influence on her. This became a reason why she wanted to study in Europe. Parents arrange their children’s future not only to give them a better future, but also because of the love they for children. Like the father in the article, who arranges his children to go to University. However children are also individuals and they have their own sense of independence.

Sometimes it causes children’s rebellion. Therefore? Parents should not give excessive orders to their children. They should respect their children more and accept their children’s choices.


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