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 The first main reason why othering occurs in society is that social factors cause it. First and foremost, most people have biased perception for social factors especially in today’s society. If someone is little different from other humans, people want to biase across them. Due to the fact that, someone can be other person in terms of people and then society excludes that person.

Therefore, othering is inevitable end for his or her. Male sovereignty has been a situation in most societies since ancient times. In this case women were exposed to be under male domination. Thereby, being a woman always be hard. For instance, if you are a woman, most people think that you should not go outside, you should not work, you should not go outside in the evening and you should stay at home and look after your children.

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So, this example show that othering is unavoidable end for women in society. Hence, women are abstracted from society. Another example, if you are a different person like disabled, gay, elder person, you can be exposed to people’s bases. Being a different person is too hard, because of the fact that this people can not accept by other people easily. For example, if some people are biased toward gay or lesbian, they don’t want see them and they reject them. ‘It is not at all hard to understand a person; it’s only hard to listen without bias’ (Jami, 2011).

Secondly, most people biases because of social classes. To elaborate more on this, in ancient societies, if people were higher classes like bourgeois or mechant, they were more opportunities in social life. Moreover, they could make something easily. For instance, they were prejudiced against the people in the lower classes.

If people were lower classes like a slave, they were exposed to some bad comment by higher classes. Therefore,othering was inevitable end for this group. ‘There is a substantial segment of present day American society whose way of life, walues and characteristic patterns of behavior are the product of distinctive cultural system which may be termed lower class’ (Rodman, 1963). All in all, social factor is the first reason why othering occurs.


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