The their work was not appreciated in comparison

The shown situation reflects, that the data processing unit doesn’t have a vision and thatthey didn’t have a team thought, not in the department and even not for the wholecompany. This department also has the feeling, that their work was not appreciated incomparison to other departments. So these are all indicators, the leading process didn’twork as expected and a change process has to be started with this data processing unitand all other departments/units who are less productive.To start with the best course of action, I have to have a look on the work of the leaderitself, because in addition to the before mentioned problem, it seems to be that also thesituation is not transparent at all. Well-informed employees are more eager and betterprepared to participate.

So first the role of leader has to be redefined. For that the following points have to bedone:- The leader has to describe, why he/she or the company is doing something, to delete theway of thinking, that other departments are preferred.- The leader has to create a vision, so that the employee can follow on a emotional basisand not just making work which they can do in other departments, too- The work of the ineffective departments must be understood, before changes were made.- In addition, this brings the effect the worker see that there Work is important for thecompany, if the leader themselves is checking the situation.- Key Staff should be developed, if it’s not already in place.

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