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The skyscrapers in metropolis are the iconic symbols of the economic inequality. The rich live in luxury high above the city while the workers labour down below. The story moves inexorably toward a labor strike by those down below who rise up against the oppressive nature of those living in oblivion high above. The exploitation of the working classes by the ownership class living in the lap of luxury takes capitalist desire to its logical limitAnother method by which a totalitarian power seeks to exert total control through surveillance. They seek to employ influence over its constituents by conveying the message that it is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Ubiquitously the lower class living in a constant state of surveillance and controls the culture, economy, and political system, it can never execute total totalitarian control until it gains control of the citizens’ minds therefore the widespreade use of surveillance is to prevent/ capture rebellion and maintain control


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