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The social work profession is concerned with the social welfare and well-being of all people. It is a profession that needs scientific and professional knowledge for the development of resources and skills to fulfill the needs of individuals, families, groups, and societies that are vulnerable and living in poverty. As a social worker, we must follow the NASW code of ethics to work in society as a social work professional. The core values of social work are service, integrity, social justice, human relationship, and competence that need to be a social work professional.

I believe that it is very important to gain knowledge about the social work profession, social policies and programs, and theories to simplify the process of change. Social work is different from all other professions because it does not mean only to improve the life of client, family or group, it is a profession that works hand in hand with the community to improve the life of all around us. At a youthful age, I have strong emotions for helping individuals move forward. It also runs in my family because my uncle is a member of our temple and he always does what he can to help with fundraisers and he is my biggest inspiration to work in this field.

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As a social worker, I want to include helping adults with physical disabilities to improve their life by giving them personal care or as a counselor. A few expectations that I have from this profession is that it will not be simple all the time and there are some stress and burnout as well. Social worker plays an important role to meet the needs of people and to improve their lives. The social worker acts as a guide for their client and also maintain their professional relationship with them. Social worker understands the assumption that everyone has a full right to achieve their highest potential in life without paying attention to their class or background. The social worker may need to assume many roles in their profession according to the need of a particular client in a particular situation. They work as an advocate, educator, counselor, mediator, and spokesperson.

The main purpose of a social worker is to create a bridge between the individual and their community so that they can connect to their resources. If a social worker becomes able to bring the smile on the face of their client, then it gives them a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. There are many skills that a social worker brings with them to work in practice such as active listening, communication, critical thinking, empathy, and organizational skills. One of the best skill that I think helps a lot to a social worker to understand the situation of their client is active listening. Active listening can make their client feel comfortable and able to understand that you are engaged in the conversation. It helps to create respect and trust between them. Secondly, the social worker has to work with people who belong to different cultural, race, ethnicity, and socio-economic background so they have to be culturally responsible.

Moreover, the social worker should have the skills to make their boundary settings so that their professional life does not affect their personal lives and they can enjoy their personal life that will make them effective professional.


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