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The Spanish Armada was a great Spanish fleet sent by King Philip II in the year of 1588 to try and destroy England. The Spanish Armada was made up of 130 ships that carried gunpowder and other important supplies.

The Spanish Armada was seen to be the strongest naval fleet in Europe; however, these thoughts were eventually proved incorrect. The Treaty of Nonsuch helps convince Philip that an evasion on England by the Armada was necessary. These thirty-thousand troops belonged to the Spanish regent of the Netherlands. Only six Spanish ships out of 129 were destroyed just from combat. More than 13,500 sailors and soldiers did not come home due to the lack of food, water, and disease. It was unlucky, their plans were not that good, and the weather destroyed any hopes they had to destroy England. This unsuccessful trial led to the escape for England, but the Armada would not give up yet.

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In 1588, the rumbling start of the Spanish Fleet begins. The Spanish Armada sails from Lisbon in 1588. It consisted of about 130 ships, eight thousand seamen, and about 19 thousand soldiers. Forty of the 130 ships were used as line of battleships, while the other ones were used to carry light craft. English land forces split into an army of 25-30,000 troops whose main objective was to protect Queen Elizabeth and 16,000 were used to make sure London was not attacked. Elizabeth was a heroic leader who rode the front line of the army in any battle to make sure the enemy did not make it to dry land. But after this unsuccessful try by the Armada, it would not get back underway until August.

The Armada reached the Strait of Dover on August 6 and anchored in position off Calais, France. The Armada had no safe port across the coastal shallows, where Dutch and English ships planned to intercept them. This risky voyage would lead to the Defeat of the Armada. Because of the bad weather, shortage of food and water, ships were driven into the West Coast of Ireland and wrecked. Another reason the Armada failed is because England was the strongest country in all of Europe, making it build up the strongest fleet in the country. By the time the Armada returned back to Spain in October, half of the original fleet had perished causing it to lose about 15,000 men. This devastating loss caused the Armada to be defeated. In all honesty, the Spanish Armada was very eager to defeat England, but they were just not strong enough.

The Spanish Armada inspired tons of people knowing the risk of going into battle, but they kept trying until they were defeated. Finally, the “invincible” armada would return home, defeated: they lost around 15,000 men due to lack of food, bad weather, and disease. The English came out victorious because they had better tactics and leadership.

More importantly, the English ships were much lighter and faster, as well as the weapons.


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