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The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act of 2001 “establishes legal rights for disabled students in pre- and post-16 education by amending the DDA to include education.

The Act ensures that disabled students are not discriminated against in education, training and any services provided wholly or mainly for students”. The Race Relations Act of 2001 helps encourage positive relationships between people of all races, they support the value of diversity. In addition the Human Rights Act 1998″ sets out the fundamental rights and freedoms that everyone in the UK is entitled to”. This act gives individuals the right to take actions against of any organization that violates their rights.

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The Children Act of 1989 is also an added legislation which ensures that children and special needs children’s rights are protected and their welfare is secure. 1.2 It is important when working with children that we promote and value cultural diversity. Living in a diverse society with many varieties of cultures, religion as well as people with EAL, It is important that we educate children to understand, what beliefs/views you have, where you come from, what language you speak or what you look like doesn’t matter, everyone is equal. Doing this will inspire children to value everyone with different cultures which will then help them have an open mind and be able bear changes more easilyWithin the following ways we can promote and value cultural diversity which children and young people can benefit from:• Having the opportunity to learn about cultures apart from their own.• Gives children a chance to learn and understand that their cultures are just as diverse as others and that other children have similar to them. It is vital that we recognize and take into consideration the social backgrounds and cultures of the children and young people that are under our care to value and promote cultural diversity, seeing that it will assist us in building successful relationships with them.

Doing this we be able to help children feel as though they are accepted. However, the child may feel discarded if we punish a child for the reason that they originate from a different background. This can have a negative effect on other children within our care and their learning, as they may follow up on our behavior and with perceive it okay for them to behave the same. Children who come from a different culture or doesn’t know to how speak our local language can tend to feel out casted. It is up to us to ensure them that their difference in culture and language doesn’t mean they do not belong.

They will pick up on the language eventually will have the equal rights as any other child or young person. The education that we offer to children and young people can help value and promote cultural diversity as they will learn about all the different lifestyles and diverse cultures as well as focus and educate themselves on an exact culture. Books are also a great way to promote education as they will learn and discuss about different cultural issues within a classroom and debate how to defeat them with their peers.


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