The population is 6.2 million people.The climate is

The state in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean occupies the eastern part of New Guinea Island and numerous nearby islands, as well as the Bismarck Archipelago, part of the Solomon Islands, etc. It is part of the Commonwealth, led by the United Kingdom.

Territory – thousand km 2 . The population is 6.2 million people.The climate is monsoon with two periods: wet (from December to March), when the north-west monsoon prevails, and less wet (from May to October), when predominantly south-east winds predominate. The annual amount of precipitation varies from 1500 to 7500 km. Strongly dissected relief (mountain ranges, valleys and plains) makes it difficult to clearly distinguish the vegetation zones.New Guinea, not the most popular place for tourists to rest, is, nevertheless, a pretty attractive region to visit.

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We decided to give 7 reasons why you should visit this amazing place during the coming holidays.1. Volcanic IslandsThis is a little explored area of New Guinea, where you can meet a lot of unusual and outlandish animals, such, for example, as a crowned dove. This bird is endemic to New Guinea and is not found anywhere else in the world. The bird is rather clumsy and clumsy, but with an incredibly beautiful withers and colorful plumage.2.

Traditions and customs of the local populationThe rituals and customs of the natives living in New Guinea have not changed for many millennia. Thus, you can go back to the past, get acquainted with the customs of people who are radically different from you both as a system of values and living conditions. The rituality of life, a way that has not changed for centuries, features a primitive worldview – with all these you can only find in New Guinea.3. Contrast of cropsIn no other place can you see such a combination of contrasting cultures: the prehistoric way of the aborigines and the way of life of modern people. In New Guinea, there are quite large cities that began to appear in the era of colonization.

At the same time, the indigenous population remains true to its principles and does not admit to its life any part of the progress, remaining to live in forest huts.4. DivingIn New Guinea, very clean water and a lot of places for diving. Mask, fins are indispensable attributes when visiting this amazing country. If you do not know how to dive and swim, then specially for you there are many diving clubs that will happily help to understand this simple science.5. City of TufiThis city is the capital of world diving .

In addition to many diving schools, it boasts excellent diving sites, colorful hotels and a unique atmosphere. To visit Tufi choose those who know a lot about good rest.6. The Eden ForestThis place was discovered at the time of colonization and it is remarkable that it can see a huge number of endemic plants and animals.

Scientists were able to find dozens of new species of animals and plants on this small piece of land. Local animals are noteworthy because they are not afraid of people at all and allow themselves to be taken in hand. This means that for many millennia the human foot has not walked into the Eden forest and therefore the animals simply do not know that people need to be afraid.


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