The Human anatomy, physiology, Biochemistry, pathology, Microbiology,

The Statement of Purpose

The urge to achieve and prove myself among the greats in the history of science has been my ambition from the days I was firs t
introduced to the captivating concepts of Neurology. The mental ability to approach a problem with the right blend of logic a nd
r easoning has supported me in inching towards my goal. As a first step out of school I decided to take up neuroscience, the fi eld
that requires comprehensive understanding of the basics of science and the flair to exploit the fascinating field of neurosci ence.

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The neuroscience was the next important milestone and, as a person with the penchant towards the knowledge, was attracted
towards it. I underwent courses to Bachelor in neuroscience technology as a paramedic. The Certificates of Distinction from an
o utstanding health university Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) speaks for my performance under
distinguished neurology professors in India named Dr Ravishankar Naik, Dr Saroja A O and Dr Kutub Makandar. During first
year study at undergraduate level, I studied Human anatomy, physiology, Biochemistry, pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology
and Community medicine with good yielding in anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. Beside these, I also underwent the
different college subjects like psych ology, sociology and nursing. I even underwent six months internship during which I got
exposed to different aspects of neurology. During the internship, I got to knew about the diseases like different types of epilepsy,
neuropathic and myopathic disorders and sleep disorders. Since, I had to work in neurophysiology laboratory, I spent a lot of time
studying about these diseases in electro physiologic diagnostic way. I got used to handle different neurophysiologic equipmen ts
like electroencephalography, ele ctromyography and polysomnography .At the beginning ,I studied and observed these during my
first year study alongwith the study of other basic science courses like anatomy ,physiology ,biochemistry and others. Follo wing
after the first year, we got total ly focused over neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neuropathology, neuropharmacology as vital
parts of our curriculum .Then we studied about electrophysiology diagnosis under neurophysiology covering almost every aspect
about electroencephalography, electr omyography and polysomnography and evoked potentials (Brainstem auditory evoked
potential, visual evoked potential and somatosensory evoked potential) alongwith the interpretation. During the six months
internship at two thousand bedded KLEs hospital, I go t exposure to neurophysiologic equipments. But this did not quench my
enthusiasm for the learning. Since, my education has upto been at undergraduate level only, and that too had covered
electrophysiologic diagnosis on most of the part, I want to learn mor e about the physiologic and anatomic basis of those
neurological deficits. The reinforced enthusiasm has taken me to apply in your university. The principles of neurophysiology that
I learnt in the undergraduate course have kindled me to know more about the underlying anatomic and physiologic activities of
various neurological diseased conditions..
Every person is born with an innate profession. Though uneducated, some are well versed in mathematics
while some are busy deal ing with the vocabulary .Likewise, Since, I had known about myself in the field of subject
understanding, I knew it is cognition of brain and physiology of brain. I am very much interested in the cognitive neuroscience
and cell biology. I have also done fe w P3oo test academically while we were studying undergraduate. Since, this test is not much
used in the underdeveloped countries like India and Nepal, but I know the test has got the profound use as research tool in
laboratory .
Presently, I am working in college of medical sciences and and Teaching hospital which is providing the best
qualitative neurophysiologic services in all over Nepal and it has been about one and half year I am working here since 22
/10/2oo9.I am the senior neurophysiologist here. The one thing which you may not be readily getting is my three and half years
bachelor degree which is almost four years in USA. But some of my US friends told me that I can get admission if I have
experience in the field. I studied full three years academically along with carrying the neurophysiology experiments. Then, I
continued six months internship and now working in the reputed medical college of Nepal for more than one and half years.
It is with the all their best wish es that I am encouraged to pursue higher education. The undergraduate courses that I underwent
have imbibed my aptitude to make things work and has appended to my attentive and observant elegance. As a paramedic, I
learnt the techniques of performing tasks in the most simple, uncomplicated and economical way. The deft character that I
demonstrated in experimenting, recording and interpreting in the laboratory at the undergraduate level has increased my
predilection to my research objective. The Graduate deg ree offered by your university aims to promote most my interests and
more importantly is a giant leap towards my research objectives. After having gone through the web pages of the university an d
its department I have decided that your university is my next step towards my unassuaged desire. The erudite faculty that the
institution boasts of and the much- sought after infrastructure along with the academic ambience have allured me to pursue higher
education. I am sure that all these factors will facilitate t he realization of my research aspirations. I was also apprised by seniors
and friends that the university encourages students to bring out their fullest by offering them full financial aid.

I would like to be considered for full financial aid and hope my credentials are worthy enough for an scholarship .Hoping for an
encouraging and prosperous future at the university, I take this opportunity to thank the University faculty for their patient
perusal of my application.


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