The upcoming branch in the reconstructed Jaya

The strategies that The Serai Group appear to be using in the article attached is intensive strategy which consist of a market development stratgegy. It involves introducing present products or services into new geographic areas. Based on the article, Serai Thai was a medium sized shop lot in a residential area located at Shah Alam and successfully switches from single, crowd-favourite to full blown food and beverage (f&b) group. Currently it has four outlets Life Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Shaftsbury Square in Cyberjaya, as well as Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya and the Empire outlet plus one upcoming branch in the reconstructed Jaya Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya. KL Life Centre is their best outlet because of the number of product launches and corporate events they have held there. The other intensive strategy implement by The Serai Group is a product development strategy it means to seek increased sales by improving or modifying present products or services. They produce a new concept that vastly different from its original Thai one and offered a combination of Eastern and Western cuisines. Instead of changing the name, they develop a new menu.

They choose the best Thai dishes from Serai Thai and mixed the menu with Western and Malay food from family recipes. Another strategy set by The Serai Group is related diversification strategy under the diversification strategy. The strategy means value chains possess competitively valuable cross-business strategic fits. As stated on the article, The Serai Group started a concept of an upmarket lifestyle restaurant called Jibby&Co.

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Modelled with a Melbourne and New York feel, the restaurant is a two floor, standalone structure with glass façade and airy atmosphere.The last intensive strategy that The Serai Group apply is a market penetration strategy. It means to increase market share for present product or services in present markets through greater marketing efforts.

Each Serai outlet has a markedly different interior. Furthermore, the Jibby & Co pays meticulous attention to process of dining, from the styling and presentation of each dish to the interior decoration, which showcases items the owner brought back from his trips around the world. All the serving plates are custom-made.


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