The City Circle. The collected talisay leaves

The student researchers will gather 500 grams of Terminalia catappa (talisay) leaves from Quezon City Circle. The collected talisay leaves will then be verified at the National Museum of the Philippines. 1200 ml of water will then be obtained from Pasig River.

The talisay leaves will be rinsed using tap water. It would then be air-dried, cut into small pieces, and dried in the oven at 90°C for 12 hours to remove the remaining moisture. The leaves will then be ground to fine powder. The powder should be stored in an air-tight container.
Basing from the previous experimentation, 1 molar of Sodium Chloride will be used to extract the coagulation active agent in the talisay leaves. The extraction will be done at the University of Philippines Institute of Chemistry – Research Building with the help of a professional.

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Four setups will be prepared which will be named group A,B,C, and D respectively. Each setup will use 500 ml beakers. All containing 300 ml of river water. The setups will be mixed for two minutes to agitate the river water.

During the mixing process, the talisay leaf extract will be added. Group A will receive 2 ml of talisay leaf extract. Group B will receive 3 ml of talisay leaf extract. Group C will receive 4 ml of talisay leaf extract. Group D will receive 5 ml of talisay leaf extract.

After one hour, the water will be passed through a filter to separate the water from the coagulated microplastics. The precipitate will then be measured in milligrams.


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