The care between consumers and brands, being

The study regarding product modification behaviors of consumers explains that attachment to brand is related with product modification behavior. Such behaviors as trying to use a product for long time by improving durability, creating un-replaceable existence by modifying product, and making product not sick and tired of by renewing it have been shown by consumers attached to their belongings 1. These are characteristics shown by people investing significant energy into repairing and modifying bicycle, which allow them to express themselves 2, or shown by people changing basic format on the internet to decorate their avatars 3 as well. By the way, it is not only difficult to explain emotional bonding between consumers and brands with this product attachment 4, but also difficult to explain emotional bonding with attitude toward brand 5. In other word, trust, emotional bonding, and care between consumers and brands, being appeared over long-term centering around brands, are different concepts from product attachment, which has been presented for the purpose of explaining long-term relationship between consumers and brands 5.


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