The of management support for training programmes,

The study was undertaken at mobilink on the topic “the effect of training on employee performance at mobilink a telecommunication industry.

The objective of this study is to search out the effect of employee training on employee’s performance with mobilink. The methodology that was used for the study was quantitative research. Self – administered questionnaire was used in the gathering of analysis for data. The statistical population of this study is from telecommunication industry in Pakistan, mobilink That covers 200 employees and data was Gathered through a questionnaire. the variables of this research are skill development, employee commitment, readiness to adapt change and service delivery really have the positive impact on employee performance.

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Correlation analysis was used through”spss” for data analysis the study disclosed, that there were organizational issues such as lacking of management support for training programmes, which compelled training and development. It was also looked that training had positive impact on employees of the mobilink. The study suggested that in order for mobilink to be successful as the first choice telecommunication industry in pakistan, management must enable all departments to engage in the training of employees to maintain potential and strengthen employees’ competencies ,skills ,knowledge and attitude. Results show the Positive relationship between on job training and employee performance.


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