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The substantial variances in socio-economic, cultural, political and in climatic in Dhaka, a number of comparisons are present in their physical layout, as well as in the course of conversion of their domestic spaces in home background (Figure 2). In Dhaka renovation of the physical environment could not establish a substantial impact, as tenants are more worried to earn more money for existence than desire social communication with neighbors.

In the traditional houses, courtyards are vital spaces for the daily events and interactions; however, while these spaces are used for evolving extra rooms for rental purpose, there is decay in the social actions (Figure 3). The later accumulation and transformation of dwellings in the old buildings made the living entirely inaccessible from each other and as a consequence, social communication has progressively diminished.Figure 2: The hanging balcony highlights the courtyard, as a component for casting shadow, and also a sign for nobility among Hindu families (Source: Mahmud 2007).The city center also obliged the middle-income dwellers and the expatriates to occupy these traditional houses, who could comprise themselves in economic activities using domestic spaces. The grade of variation and modification by the expatriate and their transformation and transformation of spaces into new functions shows the potentiality of the old-style houses. Old dwellings in the traditional neighborhoods have gone through extensive modification and revolution mainly due to economic causes.

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Also in both cases, landlords transformed their old houses either into economic enterprises or to rental units. Accommodation became the main importance rather than the social contacts and the replacement of homogeneous people with a more heterogeneous was recognized.To highlight the prominence of physical forms, Erman (1997) pointed out that, neighborhoods comprising of multi-storey apartments are less consistent and have feebler sense of community than neighborhoods with single-family residences. This is also true for Dhaka, as it has been verified to a number of apartment buildings, which have been inspected. People are now getting used to the different lifestyle where social interactions, community contributions and social proceedings are now taking place in big community centers outside the neighborhoods.

These features also specify the variations in the lifestyle of the residents of our modern age where not only the physical renovation but the social achievement also generated long term impression that is gradually lessening the neighborhood supplement and therefore identity.Altering features of regular conversionIn this segment this study deliberated the foremost issues of the altering inclination such as trend of living cost, revolution in living style, family size, effect of housing society and furthermost significantly impact of technological modifications.Trend of living costNormally, the cities of the emerging countries have been faced with huge rising gap always between the wages and the expenditures of the middle class families. The increasing land value and manageability of the space are distributing the land into as much as slighter portions and the demand of living space is very inadequate according to high price. A foremost part of the regular family expenditures is to manage the price of living space. With the time period, the increasing inflation rate nearly adjacent to 7.

93% (BBS, 2012), family earning progression is very restricted. The overall high expenditure is compelling families to lodge in less space, therefore totaling to the claim for lesser size urban residential parts.


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