The scariest superstitions of them all. Everyone

The superstition of friday the 13th is one of the most famous and scariest superstitions of them all.

Everyone in the world knows about the superstition of friday the 13th. There is not a place in the world to go where you would find someone who did not know about friday the 13th. There many movies and books that are based on the bad luck events of friday the 13th. Even after all these examples and stories of bad luck there is still people who do not believe in the superstition. Many people believe it is just rumors and fake news, but the ones who do not believe are the ones who get the bad luck. The first topic is the history of friday the 13th and how it came to be. This superstition started back in the year 1307 when Philip the IV arrested hundreds of the Knights Templar and ruined a big part of history. The reason King Philip the IV arrested members of the Knights Templar is because he was deeply in debt of them.

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So when he saw that they had lost trust and support of the people he took advantage of it and he arrested, tortured them into giving false confessions, and then hung and burned them. The Knights Templar was a catholic military order that started in 1119 and was active until about 1312. The order of the Knights Templar was among the wealthiest and most powerful memberships in its time. They were also among the Pricemost skilled fighters in the Crusades. Once the holy land was lost the support for the Knights Templar started to fade. Next there have been many movies and books wrote about the superstition of friday the 13th.

The books and movies that were wrote about this superstition are to make people believe and be scared of the superstition. There are many movies and books based on the superstition of friday the 13th. One of the biggest and most famous movies ever made is titled friday the 13th. This movie is about a hockey wearing masked murder named Jason who kills anyone who comes near him. Even though most of the movies end with the people who Jason is trying kill winning it still shows the bad luck that can happen on friday the 13th. The movie grossed 464 million dollars worldwide once the movie was released in 1980. Https ://www .

his Examples of how to get bad luck for friday the 13th are things like walking under a ladder, crossing paths with a black cat, and breaking a mirror so you should try your best not to do these things. Another strange but true fact is you should not open a umbrella inside a house because if you do it can bring many years of bad luck on either the person who opened the umbrella or the house the umbrella was opened in. Another very strange thing is you should not say you love someone under a moon. The reason you should not do this is because the moon changes all the time sometimes it is full, sometimes it is half, and other times it is not even there. For this reason people say love declared under the moon is not going to work out. The next thing you should not do is yawn without closing your mouth every time you yawn cover your mouth.

PriceThe first reason you should do this is because it is manners it’s just the right thing to do, but if that is not enough for you then another reason you should cover your mouth is because it could lead to illness or even demonic possession. Another thing is do not cross your knife and fork at the table not only is it bad manners it’s bad luck. If you find yourself with fork and knife crossed at the table then you should prepare for some rough times in the future because if that happens then you will have some very bad luck. Another to do it knifes is if you receive a knife make sure the person giving it to you does not give it to you outright cause that can also result in some very bad luck. Also many people avoid strange things such as not have just 13 people at the table for a meal.

They also avoid traveling at all costs that is one of the biggest things do not travel on friday the 13th. The last thing people try to avoid are things like signing contracts. Next many tall building such as hotels or businesses skip straight from floor 12-14 they do not add 13 because it is bad luck. The fear of friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia. The fear of just the number 13th is known as Triskaidekaphobia. Next surveys showed that airlines suffer very badly on Friday the 13th. Thir has been many plane crashes and shutdowns and many have lost their lives because of flying on friday the 13th.

Lastly for a friday to fall on the 13th the month must begin on a sunday. Another thing about the history of friday the 13th is actually very crazy and informational. On October 13th 1989 one of the biggest stock market crashes occurred.

It was horrible event that happened and it ruined a lot of people’s lives. Many people lost everything and just gave up in life they figured it was all over. Now we refer to this historical date in history as black friday. , Price Next are real life examples of bad luck that people have encountered on friday the 13th.

The first example of friday the 13th bad luck is a young boy that was 13 years old was struck by lightning at 1:13 pm or 13:13 in military time. This is one of the many examples of how bad luck always occurs on friday the 13th. One of the really insane facts about this incident is that he was one person in a crowd of 150,000 men and women. So out of 150,00 thousand people the boy who was 13 got struck at 13:13 military time. This is a very insane and true story from the crazy events that occur on friday the 13th.

The next true but crazy event that happened on friday the 13th was on october 13th, 1972, a rugby teams plane crashed into a mountain. When the plane hit the mountain 9 died on impact, 8 of the people were killed in a avalanche, and many of the others died from injuries and the conditions. Only 16 out of the 45 passengers that were in the plane on take off survived. https://www.littlethings.

com Another insane accident that happened on friday the 13th was a murder that happened in a dorm building in Brooklyn. This crazy event happened on March 13, 1964. Out of the 38 witnesses who heard the murder not one saw a thing or notified the police of what happened. The young woman died of stab wounds and medical officials said that if she would have gotten medical attention earlier she more than likely would have survived. It would not have been as crazy if she would have just died and no one knew or heard anything but 38 people heard it happening and not one of the people who heard it did anything to notify the police. The next incident that happened on this horrifying date was when a bus conductor, by the name of Bob Renphrey, had multiple horrible unlucky encounters on past friday the 13ths. Over all the past Pricefriday the 13th experiences this man had he had four different car crashes so either he just can not drive or friday the 13th is an unlucky date.

He also lost his job which is very horrifying event especially when you are not prepared losing your job can cause you to lose your life. Then one one friday the 13th he was walking minding his own business not doing anything wrong when he slipped and fell over a railing into a river getting soaking wet and almost drowning if that is not bad luck i do not know what is. Lastly after Mr. Renphrey died his wife tried to schedule his funeral on friday the 13th just to put some humor in it but of course all of the funeral homes in her area to have the funeral were busy and had to much to do on that date., ps://www. This next event that happened is both a true experience and a historical event. A horrible person was born on July 13, 1821 his name was Nathan Bedford Forrest this man was the founder of the KKK.

Nathan was born in Tennessee this is where the first origin of the KKK was started. The KKK was a horrible group of people where their objective was to capture, torture, and kill slaves. This group terrorized slaves for years and years even in today’s time there is still KKK supporters. The KKK is horrible and all involved in the group should be arrested and put in a special place. The next bad event will be familiar to a lot of people because it has to do with christian religion. The reason friday is considered bad luck is because that is the day of the week Jesus was crucified.

This day was one of the worst days in christian history. The reason 13 is bad luck is because the night before the crucifixion was the last supper and at the last supper 13 people were in attendance Jesus and his 12 disciples. So if you put those two together it’s friday the 13th the worse day in the history of the world. The next crazy but true event was celebrity encounters Pricewith friday the 13th. The celebrity Tupac Shakur was born on friday the 13th, but he also died on friday september 13th 1996.

This next one is not a bad experience with friday the 13th it is actually a good thing about this horrible date. Taylor Swift a very famous singer and songwriter thinks of 13 as her lucky number. The reason she thinks of 13 as her lucky number is because she was born on friday the 13th and she also turned 13 on a friday the 13th. Next is that her first album went gold for 13 weeks and her first number one song had a 13 second intro. So not all people have bad luck with friday the 13th some people have good luck with it but if you look at the facts more people have very bad luck with superstition of friday the 13th then good luck. This prove that the superstition of friday the 13th is still very real, alive, and scary. https://www. The next topic is the 13th club this club was started by Captain William Fowler. The Captain has some past experiences with the number 13, and unlike the other examples we gave these are actually good things that happened to someone on friday the 13th. For example he was the 13th member of the order of the nobleza very well respected and wealthy order. That was on 1 of the 13 secret organizations he was a part of and worked for which is not usual for you to be the 13th member of one of your 13 organizations, but if that is not enough for you here is some more. When he went to school he went to manhattan’s public school number 13th.

He also graduated at the age of 13th. It is almost impossible for someone to encounter 13 that many times unless they have a special connection with the number 13th which he did, but that’s not it after he graduated he became a builder and he built 13 structure on April 13th, 1861. He also fought in 13 battles of the civil war he signed his commision on August 13th, 1863. Since he always had good luck and Pricenever really had a problem with the number 13 he would do a lot of important stuff like sell buildings and stuff like that on the 13ths. On Friday, January 13th, 1882 Fowler and 12 of his recruits all joined each other for a meal. For the recruits to get to the meal they had to pass under a ladder. Passing under a ladder is a very dangerous thing to do on friday the 13th because it is considered one of the most unlucky things to do. The ladder held a banner that said “Morituri te Salutamus” which means “those who are about to die salute you”.

At the dinner there were 13 guest, their were 13 candles lit, and there was 13 course for all of the people to eat. At this dinner the 13 club was born this is where it began the men who would not fear the number 13 or anything associated with it with their fearless Captain at the helm. It is stated that the Captain was one of the few people who, in his time, was not scared of friday the 13th or the number 13 actually the Captain loved the 13th whether it was the date or the just 13 in general it was the Captains favorite date. https://www. In conclusion friday the 13th is one of the scariest and most historical days in history. It has some very historical information like the Knights Templar. It also tells you the many things you should not do on friday the 13th but there is also things that it is ok if you do. Many people have bad luck on friday the 13th and some people have very very bad luck on friday the 13th others just have bad luck with the number 13 but you also have your select few that have a lot of good luck with friday the 13th and just the number 13. There is many movies and books and shows with many different characters and settings that depict the horror and bad luck that come from friday the 13th.

Everyone in the world knows about the superstition of friday the 13th and how bad and scary Priceit can be, but with this article maybe you can dodge some of the bad stuff that comes with the horrible and dreaded date of friday the 13th.


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