The surface area for [email protected] was calculated

The surface area for [email protected] was calculated by N2 adsorption/desorption isotherms using Brunauer/Emmett/Teller (BET). Figure 4A shows that the isotherm for sorption and desorption of N2 onto [email protected] is nearly similar to ? type of IUPAC classification (Lowell et el., 2011), proving mesopores dominated property. Amount adsorbed increases gradually as a relative pressure increases. The lower line was the nitrogen adsorption isotherm and the upper line was the nitrogen desorption isotherm.

The hysteresis loop is explained as type H3 representing aggregates of plate-like particles giving a slit-shaped pore. The surface area of [email protected] (10.6 m2/g) is higher than the surface area of polyurethane foam (2.8 m2/g) (Han et el.

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, 2015). Barrett/Joyner/ Halenda (BJH) methods were used to find pore volume and pore radiuses are 0.017 cm3/g and 4.124 nm (Fig. 4B).

The ratio of mesopores to micropores volumes (1.7× 10-2 cm3/g: 1.5×10-3 cm3/g) is 11:1; such a ratio indicates that the [email protected] would be a good candidate for the removal of dyes.


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