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THE SURVIVAL OF COMMUNICATION GRADUATES IN GLOBALISE WORLDWith the emergence of science and technology in this modern era, we cannot deny the more dependency of citizen, especially people who are engaging with the new media towards online news portal. Though this situation might be an explicit to most communication graduates who are job-seekers, there are numerous number of job require them to be able to compete with the demand in the industry. In globalise world, employer will look after fresh graduates who have these qualities in order to survive and compete to get place, which explained as below:SOFT SKILLThis is the most crucial thing to what most employer need these days. Any graduates, even from communication background need to have soft skills in the workplace. Soft skill is a person’s skills in building good relationships with oneself and others, which can be simplified meaning as intrapersonal skills and interpersonal skills. Soft skills in the eyes of some scholars are also referred to as people skills, soft skills and emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to control and manage our own emotions and the emotion of others, somehow it indicates how a person developed their social skills, motivation and empathy in the workplace.Other than that, soft skills refer as an individual’s excellence in some aspects such as attitudes and personality, communication skills, courtesy, having broad associations and being optimistic.

Soft skills are complementary to hard skills that are also a technical requirement for getting a job. In short, it refers to internal attitudes or strengths in individuals to interact (individual skills) and skills that involve social interaction in society (interpersonal skills). Overall, nowadays this skill is highly on demand because it leads to a person’s communication skills.OPTIMIZING SOFTWARE SKILLSLive in the globalization world, it is important for graduates to learn and develop software skills. Digital media is evolving in communication, where it becomes easier for citizen to reach out sources and information using this platform. There is no doubt that software skills are needed, by at least basic computer skills for fresh graduates. Communication graduates are usually known for their expertise in editing, animation, processing videos and critical thinking, even though utilising it by using gadgets. To compete among graduates, a person need to be stand out and prove that they have skills in Adobe’s software, for example Adobe Photoshop for photo editing, Adobe InDesign for layout design or even having good skills in managing social media, with the use of Buffer software that can help communication graduates use to analyse, compare performance, insights or engagement for every postings or content.

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By optimizing all of this software, communication graduates will be able to be recruited by the potential company interrelated to media in this globalised world.BE CREATIVECommunication graduates nowadays must be creative to survive in this globalized world. This is because; creativity is of utmost importance, a survival skill that needs to be nurtured in different ways. Moreover, the internet and the new media have shortened time and distance. The benefit of creativity to the graduates is to prepare students to succeed in a certain field or tasks.Other than that, communication graduates also need to think out of the box other than expecting more input from other people. They need to be more creative and sincere when doing some job.

Creative graduates can be safe in the knowledge that their abilities can pave a way for innovation in the future. However, creative graduates have a great momentum that can be a powerful and valuable force for employers in all industries. Creative ideas are as valuable as time itself.Creative thinkers tend to find better opportunities in life especially student life. Creativity, especially on communication graduates may help for professional advancement. For example, a well-trained professional graduate has a great potential to advance and prosper in life after receiving a career-focused education and hands-on experience. However, through creativity, the individual tends to find ways to improve great potential and flexibility to apply knowledge in different approaches.

It is also important that creative thinking is beneficial to all types of student or graduates and career paths. Moreover, creative thinking is a vital aspect of careers like thinking creatively allows you to give the unique, inspiring suggestions or solutions whenever necessary.LANGUAGES”Languages is the prerequisite to finding employment”, (Bírešová, 2009). Nowadays, the demands that companies enforce on their employees or job candidates relate not only to their education but also to their quality. Communication Graduates today need to learn various languages in this globalization era. This is because graduates need to master multiple languages to make it easier for them to get a job.

In this modern world, communication graduates are quite difficult to get work because the media prefers multilingual students to make it easier to communicate with other countries.In today’s dynamic world, various languages are important for graduates as this skill is easily applicable in varying situations, professions, and positions. The importance of language and communications through the graduates, especially to foreign language communication and whole range transversal key competences are important with regard to growing labour market and society requirements.

Graduates must master two most important key competencies of communication and languages. Language competence presents a set of language skills and language experience. This may help the graduates to improve their communication in globalize world. The term communication competence, so frequently used today, corresponds to the previously used term of performance, and it assumes a formed language competence. Communication and language competences today represent an indispensable attribute of any working position. However, without foreign language skills, correct expression of thoughts and communication, work tends to be less efficient, especially when an employee is unable to present his thoughts. Communication competences also imply professional and representative conduct.

Employers today take it for granted that all university graduates will have mastered these competences at the professional level.In a nutshell, do not let technologies defeat us as mass communication student. We have to keep evolving and rise above the occasion. Technologies is not there to squash us but it provide us with much better platform to envision our skills ideologies and greater performances.


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