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The sustainability of cargills Company’s competitive advantage depends on the resources can be limited or substituted. When the resources are combined they can lead to the formation of competencies and capabilities. The acceptability relates to the expected return from the strategy, the level of risk and the likely reaction of their stakeholders. Feasibility will be considered to whether their company have the resources and capability to bring the strategy. Resource is an important element to organise the operational process of a company.

A resource helps Orange Company to gain competitive advantage. To implement the above strategies, Orange mobile requires the following resources: human resource, financial resource, physical resource and information resource. With regards to physical resource, Orange has stores all over the world. They have stores in UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, France, Middle East and Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

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Also the company spend a lot in physical resources such as local offices between others. Physical resources play an important role of providing Orange Company with competitive advantage over its competitors. The effectiveness of strategy implementation is basis on the workers within an organisation. Employees form the biggest assets as far as new strategy implementation is worried.

Orange Company has consequently looked for the finest talents and values them in order to success in implementing a new strategy. To be successful at strategy implementation Orange consider the human resource factor in making strategy occur


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