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The taming of the shrewWilliam ShakespeareThe taming of the shrew is one of Shakespeare’s famous classic novel. Is is one among his famous books. The plot is that there is this one man who tries to take a princess. Petruchio after trying a lot in the midst of many circumstances takes this beautiful Kate. He thinks that doing this might make her a better person. Of course in the beginning both have a rough and tough time but at the end Kate realizes that there is this one silent and beautiful girl inside her.

For decades now it’s deeply problematic gender politics has made the taming of the shrew one if Shakespeare best and favorite novels.We can have a hearty laugh actually after or while reading the book or after watching the movie. The book is rather funny and interesting than fascinating.The way in which Petruchio uses Bianca in the plan is rather interesting.

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Kate’s morning to night routine is sweet up by him.Baptista Kate’s sister wanted to get married, but only after the welder sister coins agree can. Petruchio who was new in town wanted to marry Kate because of her wealth and possession.,and he was sure that he could tame her.

Its actually a live sorry with a comic essence to it. The play ends with Baptist and Petruchio marvelling of how they had tamed the shrew.


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