The predicted that by the help of IOT

The technology driver of the fourth revolution are Digital, Physical and Biological. which are basically came from the software filed. Digital technology is the basic driving force for 4th industrial revolution, the entire world now digitally connected by this technology. The main four features of this technology are Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and digital platform (Li, Hou, &Wu,2017). IOT (internet on thing) mean connect all the things and devices for share the information through network and independent service obtain by this without the consideration of place, time. This work like ICT infrastructure by monitoring physical weather, automatic business, avoiding disasters.

it is predicted that by the help of IOT information which gather from various devices are be play an essential role to minimize the pollution and make the air fresh, the information of related to the energy is useful for energy management. Artificial intelligence(AI), because of development in network technology, artificial intelligence is the resourceful development. Robot have an AI, so they can think like human and the prediction is that in the future the robot will replace the humans at workplace in various field like now a day this happen in some sectors. There is a diversity in the type of robots as household, health care, animal, space exploration(Chung,2017). For instance, Sophia robot it looks like young girl and it have an emotional as well as intelligence power. Cloud Computing deliver the distinct types of application and service in the internet have characteristic like shared infrastructure, network access .it have three service model software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service.

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Digital Platform give the chance to individuals for enhance their business. Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat are all digital platform. Due to digital platform businesses and government have more data about people. This technology work as engineered algorithm(Alemanno,2017).Physical technology is the driver force of 4th industrial revolution mainly manifested on some aspects as autonomous car,3D printing, cryptocurrency. Technology innovation made a lot of development which make the life of person more convenient one example of this is Autonomous car is also known as self-driving car because driver is not needed for drive it. The predictor, planner, engineer also have a certainty that how this development work in future and what affect it have on the world. It can minimize the stress level of driver because people able to feel relax, do office work, play games and individual become productive while travelling but it also negative point like people can have afraid of it speed and direction.

It has unique feature than other cars. Some predictors have prediction it reduces the amount of crashes(Litman,2018).3D Printing, this advancement deploy the method of printing. It can view the design in three dimensional and create an object from digital design.

3D model created by the CAD (computer Aided Design) program after that it convert into. stl extension, it stores the information for each surface of the 3D model represent in the triangular section. The file with extension.

stl converted into G-file by using slicer software which convert the 3D. stl file into the 2D section and then printed it on the paper. Current application of this is almost in every field such as biomedical engineering, industry, education, forensic science, Pharmacy and some other.

The productivity, quality all factor grows more in the future (Bethany,Erkal, Sarah, Chen ,& Spence,2010).Cryptocurrency,modern era is the digital era so the currency is also digital that is crypocurrency which you can not able to put in your hand.This used the technique of the crypotography which cahnge the information into the unique codes ,calles encryption an after hat by decryption process orignal informtion is obtain.

The blockchain who watch all the tranasaction of the crypocuurency and manage it and also take care about the accurencyThe secuirty tis the main part so by this security transaction is confirmerd.In 2009,the first and popular crypotocurrency was appear in Bitcoin.Crypotocurrency is the most valuable and peak invention of the technolgy from last 10 year.It does not control by anyone also by even sate and country not able to control this.

technolgy which work on it that is based in the peer to peer network.Each peer has the whole transaction history that was made.Due to this market for investor has grown raplidly ,some become rich within overnight(Monia,2018). The biological development like a precious gift for the people who suffering from the chronic diseases. It has an invention in the field of Genetic Engineering, Neurotechnology, pharmacy and so on.

Genetic engineering also famous names as genetic modification, genetic manipulation. It the technology which transform the gene. It is achieved by the introducing the DNA. The formation of DNA fragment, insertion of it into vector plasmid (circular DNA piece), cloning, put DNA into organ and expression of gene are the fundamental step of the genetic engineering process(Helicon,2016). This technology has application in the field of science, agriculture as well as in technology. It increases the nutrition in the plant and enhance the functionality of cell and reproduction.

Some diseases are recognised by this. Genetic engineering generates the mixture of gene by the natural sexual recombination of genomes, it modifies the genomes of embryo directly to produce phenotype that will automatically move in next generation by reproduction instead of by manipulation of breeding behaviour so that why it is called as direct Mutation (Powell ,Kahane,&, Savulescu,2012).Neurotechnolgy is used to examine the behaviour of the brain.


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