The term dreaming is a spiritual or a

The term dreaming is a spiritual or a regional perception which not only takes us back to the creation of the events but it also grasps the present as well as the future.

For the Aboriginal People the word dreaming is known as a period when ancestral beings are believed where they spread over the continent, creating the landscapes, human society, customs, languages and also its rules and regulations. In order to achieve something from all the above mentioned aspects they eventually died as bodies but it is believed that there spiritual essence still remains in the sky, water as well as the landscape. The term dreaming is an abiding life force where it is often seen when individuals come and go and as a matter of fact lives do change.

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The ancestors travelled through water, earth, oil, sea, air etc where they gave the laws so that people can live by and also those laws which eventually created respect among one another. And therefore the Aboriginal’s right to land were recognized by the High Court of Australia in the year 1992 where as per the law the Australian law Indigenous people do have rights to the land, rights which existed even before colonialization.


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