The the effectiveness of their HR functions has

The term Human resource manager has replaced the term personnel manager who referred to the person who was in charge of factory or firm employee welfare in earlier times. The HR manager profession has evolved and is continuing to evolve. From being mediators responsible for solving problems between company’s managers and workers during the Industrial Revolution, the role of HR managers has considerably changed today.

In addition to labor conditions and management of conflicts, they are in charge of a set of functions and measures aimed at optimizing, mobilizing and developing the resources of the personnel for a greater efficacity, to the profit of the productivity of an organization. Companies now realize that the effectiveness of their HR functions has a substantial impact not only on top managers but on all other employees as well. They develop or supervise the administrative management of staff such as individual files and payroll, monitor the application of legal and regulatory obligations relating to working conditions and relationships, organize the social dialogue and participates in the internal communication operations related to the changes of the company. Also, they can participate in defining the strategic orientations of the structure. Proper management of human resources requires the development of a strategy that is well thought out and planned.

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And, it is the reason why managers are expected to be knowledgeable in labor laws of the country in which they work.


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