The was “full of money” (120), therefore promoting

The text to world connection I made with the novel “The Great Gatsby” was how the world revolves around money and that people revolve around money. Everyone wants a taste of the American dream and even till this day its many peoples main priority. No matter what situation one may be in money is important, and if it’s acquired it can change lives. Throughout the novel Fitzgerald delivered three different ways one could become rich through three different characters precisely and effectively .

The arrogant Tom Buchanan who was born rich , Jay Gatsby who becomes rich through time and hard work (and cheating) , and Daisy Buchanan who falls prey to the power and corruption of money. Gatsby himself is a prime example of the American dream because he went from “rags to riches” and Daisy’s voice was “full of money” (120), therefore promoting the American dream. All around the world people crave money that they don’t have but are always in pursuit of money, even Wilson admits, “but I need money pretty bad” (123). People like Tom have never known anything other than being surrounded by wealth and privilege, on the other hand people like Gatsby are “self-made men”. This connects back to President Andrew Jackson he liked to think of himself as a “self-made man”; he came from a poor family, became an American hero in the border wars against the Indians, and eventually became the president of the United States. Likewise, Gatsby became rich over a period of time.

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The fact that the setting of the novel takes place in New York City, the epicenter of America in the 1920s, only further establishes the emphasis on material wealth. The only reason Gatsby acquired so much money and high economic status and wealth was to win Daisy back, he spent his whole life just trying to win her back; he gave his life for her. Many Americans spend their lives creating a name for themselves just so they could have a taste of wealth and power.

Portrayed through the characters of Tom, Gatsby, and Rose, Fitzgerald illustrates how in the 20’s many people relied on money and how catastrophic it was, and how important it will always be for most.


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