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            The empire state building is one ofthe most well-known buildings in America as it has been featured in many bigbudget films such as King Kong, elf, Independence Day and countless others, tomost that is all they know about the famed building.

If you want to visit thebuilding that owns its own area code you will have to find the entrance on fifthavenue which is quite easy because you will spot a gathering of people aroundthe doors, after you find you way through the crowd you will be greeted by oneof the most impressive lobbies I have ever seen in my life, if I could visitagain I would make a point to spend more time there to fully appreciate it. Afterthe lobby you have to wait in long agonizing lines unless you buy the ExpressPass which my family did because we had limited time in New York. Within 20minutes we were through security and in the elevator to the 80thfloor which has one of the coolest entertainment systems I have ever seen in anelevator, it shows a well animated tour of the building being built on the roofas you are ascending which makes the typical elevator awkwardness sub zerowhile also providing a some what comical look on how few safety measures theworkers took during construction. After you leave the elevator you enter a heavilyoccupied museum-esque exhibit which shows the challenges that had to be overcometo complete construction as well as plaques showing some of the more famousmovies the building has been featured in, most notably King Kong. Afterexperiencing this you go onto an elevator that brings you up to the 86thfloor, this level has one of the best views of New York you will find, thisview is what I believe makes the empire state building such a desirable touristdestination and can lure people away from its roots planted deeply in American history.There is another elevator to go to the 102nd floor, this elevator ismuch different as it is not modernized, it still has a door that closes bysliding a metal mesh guard the interior is very compact and not comfortable,but it allows you to see an even higher view of New York although I believe itsless breathtaking than the 86th floor because you are encased in glass.After the full experience you leave through a typical tourist giftshop thatsells T-Shirts and little trinkets.

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             Construction of the empire statebuilding started in 1930 at the end of the roaring 20’s and was completed in1931, this skyscraper marked a technological milestone in American history.This building introduced many new construction techniques required to streamlinethe process and manage the 3400 workers needed to complete a skyscraper thisscale in less than 14 months or a year and 45 days. by 1930 the USA was headinginto the great depression, these workers relied on this building for theirwellbeing and were given a good wage with good hours considering the time. Thesteelworkers were called sky boys or sky walkers on account of being hundredsof feet up fearlessly riveting pieces of the large metal frame together.

Roughly 4.5 floors were built in a week, every week. When the empire statebuilding was completed it was the tallest skyscraper in the world standing at1,454 feet, this was a technological feat itself, but many smaller feats alsocame from this. The elevator up to the 80th floor is significant because noother elevator has ever traveled 80 stories prior to this one. The empire statebuildings innovation does not stop at the height, construction and elevator,almost every system in the empire state building is innovative, for example,the water system was unlike any other skyscraper at the time, with tankslocated inside the building this made accessing them easier and safer. Thiswater system required 70 miles of piping in order to provide water to the overtwo and a half million square feet that the skyscraper hosts. The empire statebuildings history does not stop after it was constructed, in 1945 the buildingsurvived a B-25 Bomber crashing into it, the skyscraper was open for businessjust 2 days after the accident, in 1981 the empire state building is declared alandmark and in 1986 it is declared a historical landmark.

            Iwould recommend this site to others due to its rich and interesting history howeverunless you purchase the express pass you will be waiting in lines that couldtake hours, severely taking away from the experience. If you only have a short timeto spend at the empire state building I would recommend seeing the 86thfloor as quickly as possibly because of how breathtaking the view is, 30minutes on the 86th floor seems like 5 minutes, so it is easy tolose track of time. Another historical site I would like to visit similar tothe empire state building in New York is the 9/11 memorial, unfortunately I didnot have enough time during my trip to New York to visit it however if I visit NewYork again that will definitely be on my to-do list.


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