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The connection between physical activities, cognitive abilities and academic performance attracts attention of the society, which is clearly can be seen in the numerous scientific articles, experiments and books.

For instance, there is a research conducted by  the group of scientists, who explored the interaction between academic achievement and the upgrade in cardiorespiratory fitness of children in the age of 11-14. The results demonstrate that physical exercises were beneficial for students to study, particularly the languages (Sardinha et al., 2016).Doing sports systematically has a positive influence on some brain processes, such as improving the memory, advancing the reactions and bettering the learning abilities. It means that it is possible to alter your brain, the only thing you need to do is to tie up your sneakers (Ratey, 2008). Personally, there are several valid reasons for my interest in this problem, which firstly include a great will to reach the academic achievements.

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I suppose, the more I know about the bonding between physical activities and brain the more I have chances to get high results on my exams and good marks via developing my memory and cognitive power. The next reason why I want to explore this problem is a motivation. There is no doubt that sports affect favorably on our health. Strengthening the body and immune system is significant for me; therefore, with the knowledge I get from the research I can get rid of the laziness to do the physical exercises.

In addition, the relationship among sports and academic performance is relevant around all of the students, who also are involved in the educational process and can follow the similar goals as I do. As a person who is already aware of some connections between items demonstrated above, I suppose I have a bias and believe that physical activities have a noticeable impact on academic success. However, it is possible that people, who do not take into account some aspects of this approach, can even not show any changes in the result.

I assume, this discovery may be continued in the project and integrated with biology and chemistry subjects, including the original experiment in order to get more credible results.


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