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The theoretical value of the article is an original view on the problem of terrorism. Criticizing for insufficient empirical analysis of scientists proving the efficiency of terrorism, the author had made a bold statement about the ineffectiveness of terrorism as an instrument of coercion.
The article extends existing knowledge about the problem of terrorism. It shifts the thought that terrorism is an effective measure of achieving political aspirations. But the idea of low efficiency of terror acts needs more time to be better developed because terrorist actions are primarily attracted attention of society by loud consequences, and only a small part of society analyses the objectives of terrorists.
The author uses an academic style of righting, he avoidies formalities in the text. In the article the author uses quantitative approach, supplemented by case study: Russia’s reaction to Apartment bombings in 1999, US response to the September 2001 attacks and Israel’s answer to the First Intifada. It should be noticed that the author considers different regions of the world which allows us to judge terrorism as a global phenomenon.
The article is recommended for academics and students of political sciences. The author gives individual and complicated positions in his work. He uses rather extensive base of sources and literature, to which he refers during his work.
This topic seems to be perspective for further development in academic research, it also needs more extensive analytical work. This proposition leads to a conclusion of necessary to develop this thesis on larger scientific publication. In order to competently approve the thesis of inefficiency of terrorist working, it is necessary to conduct more extensive work on gathering information about terrorist groups in all regions and to conduct an analysis between the declared objectives and the results of activity of terrorists groups. This problem is very urgent and promising for future scientific investigations.
The study of this vital problem not only implies the receipt of new theoretical knowledge. This also means developing a proposal to minimize the negative consequences of the terrorism. In the context of this topic, this acquires a special meaning. Statement that the terrorism is an invalid practice leads to the idea that further elaboration of this thesis will help in the fight against it. The thesis of the ineffectiveness of an application of terrorism to achieve objectives can be used as an effort to take significant steps towards abandoning this strategy.


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