The the people who lived in Hims

The third reason Islam spread so quickly was protection because the belief in Islam offered protection. Everyone wanted to be protected so people converted Islam for protection. For example, from document E it says “To defend the lands of Islam and to protect them from intrusion so that people may earn their livelihood and travel at will without danger to life or property.” This example tells us that the community that believed in Islam would be protected and able to travel without the worry of dying or losing property.

Another example from document F is “The people of Hims replied, ‘We like your rule and justice for better than the state of oppression and tyranny in which we were.’… the Muslims refunded to the inhabitants of Hims the land tax…

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” This meant that when they tried to help the people who lived in Hims they returned the money for not being and to do it and thus gained the trust of the people in Hims. They defended the people in Hims because they decided that they would believe in Islam. With the trust of the people in Hims the Muslims won the war against Persia.


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