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The purposeof a disaster recovery policy is to ensure that a company is properly preparedfor any kind of disaster that is potentially able to pose a threat to thecompany in some way by ensuring that certain protocols and procedures are putin place should such a disaster affect the company in any way. This is able toallow for a company to be able to become fully operational once again after adisaster has occurred more efficiently in comparison to a company which isunable to make use of a disaster recovery policy due to a disaster recoverypolicy being able to be made use of in order to allow for anything which mayhave been damaged during a disaster to be able to be replaced immediately asall hardware, software and anything else which may have been present within thecompany would all be listed within a recovery plan. In addition to this adisaster recovery policy would also be able to allow for anyone who is withinthe company at the time of the disaster occurring to be able to contact anyrelevant company personal in order to find out what is to be done about theissue or to have someone such as this visit the company once the disaster hasbeen dealt with in order to allow for them to be able to see how would be bestto rectify the issue once the damage has already been done. A disaster recoveryplan would also contain details of when regular tests should be carried outwithin the company e.g.

when the companies fire alarms should be tested or anyother types of drills which may be relevant to the company in order to ensurethat all systems are working correctly and without any issues at all times. Adisaster recovery policy would also contain details of what training all staffmembers within the company may have received in order to allow for the companyto be able to easily replace or begin training a new staff member in order toreplace a member of staff who may have been fired from within the company forsome reason or who may have passed away as soon as possible. Disaster recoverypolicies are able to be made use of in order to allow for companies to be ableto have set procedures in place in order to allow for any employees that arewithin the company at the time of a disaster occurring to be able to follow anyrelevant procedures in order to either rectify the issue or escape the buildingin the case of a more serious disaster occurring such as a fire, terroristattack or any other type of disaster which may potentially cause harm toemployees within the company. In terms of disasters which do not pose a threatto any of the company’s employee’s disaster recovery policies would be able tobe made use of by employees within the company in order to allow for them to beable to view the relevant procedures and protocols that are to be made use ofin order to either rectify or limit the amount of damage that is able to becaused by the relevant disaster such as power failure, viruses or hackers orsomething such as a system failure or human error that may occur within thecompany.

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