The main focus is to provide help for

The PregnancyResource Clinic is a non-profit organization that started in 1984. The clinic’smain focus is to provide help for women that are pregnant and guide them throughthe path they have chosen. Along with that they also offer men and womenknowledge and guidance (Pregnancy Resource Clinic).

This is located at SouthPugh Street, State College PA. The clinic consists of a registered nurse and anultrasound technician. “Walking through a life-altering decision is not easy,but it is why we exist” (Pregnancy Resource Clinic).

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The 3 grounds they coverwith their clients is parenting, adoption, and abortion. They want to be therefor their clients so they make an informed decision, about this life alteringsituation. The location of the clinic increases the likelihood of most of theclients being college students, so the support and guidance is exactly whatthey need. Along with support and knowledge the clients are also offeredservices like pregnancy tests, condoms, STI tests, and ultrasounds (PregnancyResource Clinic).             When I first heard of the PregnancyResource Clinic I was pretty intrigued. I first heard about the clinic when Iwas in BBH 316 class where the lady came in to tell us what the clinic was andthe services they provided. I was actually left wondering many questions onespecifically being where does their funding come from because the clinic doesnot charge its clients for anything. So how are basic costs covered? Thisassignment would give me more knowledge on inside details of the clinic likeits funding.

Another question I had was what makes the Pregnancy ResourceClinic different from other pregnancy clinics like the Planned Parenthoodclinic. I hope to understand more in the depth what the clinic is, how itfunctions, and who funds it. I actually have done a lot of research on PlannedParenthood when I was in high school. I did my senior paper and seniorpresentation on pregnancy and the 3 most common courses chosen by couplesexpecting. I have the background knowledge but I hope to gain more in-depthknowledge during the course of this class.             I think the biggest assumption withthis subculture is that it is a controversial issue in the media. Although thePregnancy Resource Clinic does not promote abortion they do support the clientif they choose to get an abortion.

This could backfire with all the people thatare prolife and then people start to make assumptions that the clinic ispromoting abortions. A lot of people believe that clinics like this are made topush their views onto their clients whether they are pro- life or pro-choice.If you look on the website for the clinic is states in bold “we do not offer,recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients, but we are committed tooffering accurate information”.             An issue Iexpect to face in this subculture is the private setting of the clinic.

Theclinic probably has to follow a set of rules for confidentiality which wouldlimit what I can know. The clients in the clinic expect their full privacy sotherefore I will not be allowed to talk to the patients, get their input on theclinic, or involve them in my paper. The people working in the clinic are thereon volunteer basis so there could be a chance that the same people are notthere every time I go to the clinic. Having different volunteers each time I goto the clinic can make it hard to get consistent information.             The keyinformants for my paper will most likely be the staff at the clinic, whether itis the director, assistant director, development director, registered nurse, orultrasound technician. Anyone one on the staff would be an excellent source formy paper. If I get lucky I may even be able to talk to a few clients if theyare open to the idea of me interviewing them with obviously keeping their privacyinto consideration.             My firstencounter in the clinic was when I went to speak to someone about permission todo my paper on the Pregnancy Resource Clinic.

The director was not there but Ispoke to someone in the clinic and they were very polite and willing to help.She was an office assistant so she didn’t have the authority to make a decisionhowever, she gave me the email of the director. There were no clients therebecause it was just about closing time but the staff there was very welcoming.  


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