The Mark in RED (first marking); moderation (Second

Themarkers must ensure that the marking of scripts is clear, intelligible and thatnothing is left in doubt, no errors have occurred in marking – e.g. errors in addingmarks, failure to mark a question or a part of it – and no errors have occurredin the inputting of marks.

I.        Markin RED (first marking); moderation (Second marking) is to be carried out inGREEN.II.        Showevidence that every page has been marked.

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III.        Ifan answer begins on one page and continues on the next page but there is noreason to give a mark there, the marker is to leave a mark (as agreed with the chairperson)to evidence that the page has been seen.IV.

        Strikeout and initial any blank pages.V.        Ifthe candidate’s script is marked ‘absent’, the same shall be registered in thescoresheet too. The names of the absentees must be indexed and informed to thechairperson for the registration of makeup cases.

VI.        Thechairperson is to instruct the markers on the use of ticks and any other codesto indicate that the script has been assessed. The first marker can highlightthe errors found in the work of the candidate for assessment criteria, guidedby the chairperson.VII.

        Ifthere is an evidence of examination malpractice or cheating report foundattached with the script, the examiner shall follow the guidance of thechairperson or the control committee. The reported script attached with theevidence shall be forwarded to the control committee for the further scrutinyand action if required.VIII.        Nomarks are to be awarded for crossed out work. IX.        Incase of illegible script, or the candidate writing in pencil or ink that is notblack or blue, the marker should inform the chairperson immediately. Thechairperson shall liaise with the control committee for a further decision.

X.        Allquestions should be awarded a mark on the right-hand side of the script. Marksawarded for writing skill should only be registered in the score sheet providedwith the envelope. XI.        Thework of each candidate must be assessed and marked by more than one person. Ifa higher disparity is found with the allocation of marks awarded by the firstmarker and the second marker, the third marker who will be the chairperson,must use his/ her discretion to finalise the score.XII.

        Allthe scripts and forms attached with the envelope must be returned to thecontrol committee after the evaluation under the supervision of thechairperson.


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