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The Top 10 Easiest Classic Cars to RestorateClassic car and truck restoration can become a massive chore depending upon the make and model you are looking to restore. Professional shops have even admitted to investing more into a classic car during restoration than the vehicle is even worth. Ouch.

While time and money may not be a factor to some, it is to most, and this list is for those looking to try their hand at classic car restoration without breaking the bank. Below, you will find the top ten easiest vehicles to restore based on accessibility, availability, and reproduction of parts. Several companies now produce an abundant amount of replacement parts for mechanical as well as exterior and interior components. Today, with the internet and plethora of classic car catalogs available, the hardest part of restoring classic cars is the waiting period between component deliveries.1) Mustangs (1964-1968)Tens of dozens of companies are currently producing almost every single Mustang part ever made! Needless to say, you should have little to no issues when it comes to finding parts to restore a Mustang model between 1964-1968. This is due to the extensive fan base that Mustang has accumulated overtime which resulted in an endless amount of support and resources from the automotive industry. Mustangs have proven to be a timeless classic ensuring that there will always be a demand for their restoration.2) Chevy Camaros (1967-1969)Luckily, Camaros share the same part availability as Mustangs! However, you will pay a pretty penny at the initial purchase price – even for a fixer upper.

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Chevy Camaros have proven time and time again that they are not only extremely fun to drive but extremely reliable! This muscle machine has a massive aftermarket performance parts market which is the reason why 80% of classic car vehicles are Camaros. Those looking for a relatively easy and cheap restoration job should turn to a Chevy Camaro model between 1967-1969.3) Chevy Nova (1968-1970) There have been more than one million Novas in production making it one of the easiest and cheapest classic vehicles to restore. However, first timers should make sure to avoid the 4 door Nova as they have a lower demand and less readily available parts. Several automobile parts vendors stock up on basic Chevy Nova parts as well as upgraded parts, such as disc brake kits, to ensure that your Nova is running at its absolute best.

4) Ford Falcon (1964-1965) One little known fact about the Ford Falcon is that all of its parts are basically identical to the Mustang! Thus, you will find heaps of professionally reproduced interior and exterior parts including an amazing selection of aftermarket performance parts as well. The Ford Falcon is a relatively simple car which makes its restoration process a sinch. Inexperienced builders should definitely consider a Ford Falcon model between 1964-1965 to restore.5) Oldsmobile Cutlass (1968-1972)The Oldsmobile Cutlass is a great vehicle to restore as all of its parts can be interchanged with GM A-body vehicles which makes finding inexpensive components such as brake and suspension parts a snap. Keep in mind that exterior Cutlass parts may be a little harder to find as they are not as abundantly produced as other cars on this list, but none the less they are not impossible to locate by any means.6) Chevy Bel Air (1955-1957)From 1955-1957 hundreds of Tri-Five Chevy Bel Air models were manufactured making their replacement parts fairly easy to attain.

Perhaps the most affordable model to restore is the 1955 Chevy Bel Air, due to the simple fact that every single part necessary to restore the car is purchasable with great ease. The demand for Chevy Bel Air restoration parts has only been growing meaning that the affordability and sell ability will be rising soon as well.7) Chevy Chevelle (1971-1972)GM’s line of A-body cars is the only other model type with parts as readily available as Mustangs.

Plus, the body-on-frame construction of the Chevy Chevelle makes its restoration process simple and straightforward, a great car for first timers.


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