The . Just like a large “air purifier”

The tropical rainforest is located near the equator, with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and an average annual rainfall of 400 to 1000 cm. It is a very humid and warm forest.

It is very suitable for the growth of animals and plants. Some unique species are not found elsewhere. Come on!The dense trees in the rain forest can absorb a large amount of oxygen when they are used for photosynthesis . Just like a large “air purifier” on the earth, the rainforest has the reputation of ” the lung of the earth “.In addition, the tropical rain forest is rich in water vapor, condenses into clouds after evaporation, and then rains, becoming an important part of the earth’s water cycle; it not only contributes to soil fertility and biological growth, but also has the function of regulating climate.

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However, in order to expand land and sell timber, humans have cut down nearly two or three Taiwan-sized rainforests every year. Carbon dioxide cannot be used by rainforests, and there is a possibility of accelerating the global greenhouse effect.Although the rainforest is far away, we can still do something to protect it, for example: don’t buy furniture made of rainforest trees, animal fur, and paper. Once the rain forest disappears, even if we do more remedial work, we can’t recover it. Let us come together to support the activities of the conservation of the rainforest, for the creatures that grow there, for the earth.

There are many reasons to look after the forests, both tropical and all other forests:• The forests, especially the tropical rainforests, house a very large part of the Earth’s animal and plant species. Biodiversity, or the diversity of species and variations, may in the long term be one of the most important reasons to take care of our forests.• The forests stabilize the global climate by acting as a carbon stock. Reforestation and persistent harvesting and new planting / rejuvenation (as in Danish forestry) counteracts greenhouse effect, because CO 2 is the “building block” of the trees. Deforestation creates greenhouse effect because the carbon and wood dust is released as greenhouse gases, including CO 2 .• The forests, like all other vegetation, convert solar and CO 2 (= carbon dioxide) into plant material and oxygen (see, however, “the lung of the earth?” Later in this text).• The forests give us timber, food, firewood, animal feed, medicine etc.• The forests protect the soil from leaching and desertification, and improve or maintain the growth conditions in the soil.• The forests stabilize the waterway between underground (groundwater) and the atmosphere (precipitation).• The forests lean and stabilize the temperature.• The forests provide experience (and tourist income).


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