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The UK appears to be lead by social class systems, these systems are better known as, upper class, middles class and working class. The class system can have its advantages and disadvantages were individuals may experiences these factors though. Social housing, privately owed housing selected area’s to reside in and education whether its state or private.

Also the people who use the NHS health service and those who will use private health care will have difference life chances as its commonly known that private health care is person focused with better results however this service comes with a cost and those. Who can use this service will have higher salaries and occupations such as district judges and successful business men and women. People may also experience disadvantages by how others experience there accent, as a person prejudices will often effect how they are experiencing others. For example a private land lord may not allow a asylum seeking family to live in his home.

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Due to its own beliefs of how the family will look after his house and simply because he does not like there accents or the way they look. Because of this prejudice this family may often feel different and inadequate to live freely and comfortable in a country that has given them refuge from traumatic experiences that lead them to flee their country of origin. Looked after children are often born into families who are perceived to be working class and underclass.

This is because of the child’s families social capital such as, employment, area they live in, education and of course the biggest factor poverty. Looked after children are frequently put into the care of the local authority because their families are unable to meet the child’s basic human rights such as, clothing , food, health care and safety. The LAC child will always struggle to understand why their families have failed them as they may either idealise their loved ones or suppress their experiences where it becomes minimalistic. For example, I work with four young people with very different care plans although their parents may all have a different sense of parenting. One common trend all of the young women share are parents / parent that are unable to implement boundaries, from my own observations these families have had their own individual crisis such as drugs and alcoholism, at the time when their child was present before the LA intervened. Due to this the child has experienced neglect, dysfunctional and disorganised parenting and has made good and bad decisions to survive.


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