The infrastructure could be at risk from different

The United States well-being is based upon protecting its critical infrastructure that surrounds the American society. It is important to recognize that in our diverse society which comprises of citizens from different backgrounds, its infrastructure could be at risk from different forms of threat.

The private sector and government play an important role in the protection of infrastructure that surrounds us in our community. It is necessary that the risk options are maximized in order to achieve “security and resilience” outcomes. Critical infrastructure is generally protecting the important assets that are necessary for the normal functioning of a society and economy. America is surrounded by various assets that play a key role in promoting the normal American lifestyle.

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(United States, 2014)As an emergency management professional, it is my duty to ensure that assets in Texas are protected and the infrastructure is resilient and secure. I will focus on “JP Morgan Chase Tower” which is classified as the Tallest Pentagonal Building in existence. It is significant to understand how the infrastructure can be secured so as to prevent it from being vulnerable to attacks. In the case whereby an attacked is launched on the tower, most of the people in the community would be affected directly and indirectly. In order to make it less vulnerable to attacks it would be important to ensure that the building is not exposed to areas that are likely to be attacked. The surrounding building should not be a threat to its security in any possible way.

There should be an effective system of warning the occupants in the building of the best options of giving out information in case they face any threats. Educating them on the possible evacuation plans would be essential in ensuring that the building is well secured in case of any possible threats. (Abbott, 2018)However in implementing my role as an emergency management professional it will be necessary to adopt the geospatial tools which is important in evaluating the hazards and risks that may come up in the future scenarios, this would assist me in planning on more sustainable options that would assist in reducing its vulnerability. For example when trying to establish the best possible evacuation routes, it should be based on the demographics, the adaptability of the roads that are in existence and also the volume of traffic on a day to day basis. It is also important that the security of the building is done with a lot of seriousness hence the use of security metal detectors would be necessary as it would assist in identifying harmful weapons.

It is also important to conduct continuous monitoring of the cyber systems so as to discover potential threats. Furthermore it is important to monitor the occupants of the building through social media; this would assist in future plans on the security of the staff. (Purpura, 2013)In carrying out my duty in Texas, it is important that I liaise with other partners so as to bring out maximum protection of the critical infrastructure in the society.

The local state should provide the necessary systems that are helpful in monitoring the buildings; this should be done through the law enforcement officers of the state. The federal government would partner with me as an emergency management professional; this is through establishing joint plans and processes that are necessary in evaluation of the possible threats to security and maintaining its resiliency. The community also has its role in ensuring that critical infrastructure is protected through working together with me.

The community should always inform the necessary authorities on any suspicions they have; there are established methods such as anonymous tip-texting which promotes the community on sharing information. (United States, 2013)


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