The for To.B, Tr.B. for explanation, raising temperature

The uptake of Br.G, To.B and Tr.B was taken at different temperature (32-88 °C), for Br.G the adsorption uptake increase by increasing temperature, but completely different for To.

B, Tr.B. Diffusion of Br.G was controlled totally by temperature and not for To.B, Tr.B.

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for explanation, raising temperature for brilliant green, make dye molecules spread fast through the external surface and internal pores of adsorbent due to lower resistance which comes from viscous forces in dye solution 52. In case of toluidine blue and Trypan blue, raising temperature make the dye solution leave the surface of adsorbent and it make mobility for large dyes faster as in Trypan blue (larger molecular weight).


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