The Gatwick airport which is in London. This

The variety of transport methods the UK now has is allowing more and more tourists to visit the UK as the UK now has over 40 commercial airports, located across the country. London itself has five airports. The UK has one of the biggest airports. Gatwick airport which is in London.

This will positively affect the tourists coming to the UK by giving them lots of different airport for different prices and times.Rail travel is growing in popularity with tourists travelling by rail, as it is a faster option than travelling by road. Northern railway, which is the largest train operator system in the UK, runs trains across the North of England. Another major train link would be the Eurotunnel which runs from England to France, under the English Channel, and can carry trains, buses, or cars across. “In the year 2015, statistics estimate that over 10.5 million passengers travelled on the Eurotunnel with 2,556,585 cars, 58,387 coaches and 1,483,741 goods vehicles making use of Eurotunnel’s services”

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Accessibility is so wide in the Travel and Tourism sector as transport and tourist attractions are now so cheap. Long haul travel has been made easier due to lower cost. Instead of just honeymooners or retired couples going to long haul destinations, they are now available to everyone as you are able to use the Internet and book own flights for a low cost.However, as well as positives there are also negatives.

For example, over the years a higher level of security in the UK has been enforced due to terrorist attacks. This makes travelling more difficult and people are less inclined to travel. Airports have increased their security especially in the main airports because of the recent bombings that have been happening.

Moving through the security has been made longer with more processing to do and there are armed police that patrol the airports. According to VisitBritian “The most often used mode of transport is ‘bus, tube, tram or metro train”


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