”The equipment which is innovative and creative so

”The VRIO framework is the value, rarity, inimitability and organisation – is a strategic analysis tool that can be used to assess the potential of an organisation’s resources as a source of sustained competitive advantage”(Open Polytechnic of NZ, Strategic Management Course Material, 2018). According to Grant, et, al, (2014):Air New Zealands resources is the connection with the government of New Zealand.

The government supports Air New Zealand is valuable in terms of utilizing opportunities and neutralizes threats of the industry. This attribute is rare because there is less advantage of other airlines in New Zealand. Other airline industries will require a large amount of cost.

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It is also difficult to imitate as they need large amount of cost to have a competitive advantage. When resources are valuable an organization’s has a competitive parity. For Air new Zealand technology and other airlines are valuable.

Many airlinr industries have control of technology and airline equipment which is innovative and creative so it is not rare. This resource can be imitated by other airlines by direct duplication.An airline industry can also be temporary competitive advantage.

When the resources are rare and valuable. For Air New Zealand brand identity is valuable and it can have an opportunity through its brand name. Other airlines brand status is different so it is very rare.

No other airline industries can use the same brand as they cannot imitate.


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