The I must reread certain paragraphs a

The weaknesses of this essay are the lack of background information. In order for someone to fully understand this text, they must have knowledge on the time period. They must also understand the opposing side, the Anti Federalists. This is because in order to understand who John Jay is opposing, you must know the difference in ideas. The wording is also quite difficult for me to understand, so I must reread certain paragraphs a few times. The strengths of John Jay’s essay is how persuasive it is.

He makes the reader believe that our country was meant for this type of government. He describes how unity is important in order to succeed. He also makes Anti Federalists out to be traders, as they oppose what their origin is.

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This means that they are opposing their traditional beliefs and what is meant for our country. Overall, this essay had a positive effect on my understanding of the importance of unity and the Constitution.


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