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The wider concept of safeguarding children for the setting, giving examples of best practice
refers to procedures that change or causes injury to the female genital organs or non-medical reasons in the up this is illegal this usually happens to girls from infancy to 15 it is carried out by a woman who haven’t got any medical training EXORCISM
This is religions and cultures that have extreme believes and a child is abuses as a result off it
Best practice
I would write down what I have observed and then I would go straight to my DSL to report it
as this is against the law in the uk, My DSL would then go to laddo and get advice and the advice that get they will need to follow
Processes such as, Burning, tattooing are sometimes used as a rich or a passage this is where the loss or the incapacity to use a bodily member and is practiced by lots of societies for cultural and religious significant and it is formed by physical punishment when it is applied to a principle
Best practice
After observing this I would need to write down everything that I have observed and then I need to go to the DSL in my setting and give her the evidence
Children at pre-school age need to have a diet that has dense food which provides them with a good supply of protein of vitamin and minerals that support the healthily growth and the child’s development while they are still able to support the principles of the eat well plate which has low fat but high fibber might not provide enough energy for the child by the child having small meal and snacks that are from each other the main food groups will be more beneficial for the child
Best practice
Best practice can be done by if the setting cooks food for the children with in the setting they need to make sure that the food that they provide contains the right foods for the children this will ensure that they are getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals. If the child brings lunch into the setting the setting can provide the parents with suggested foods that is suggest they have in their lunch box which will help to ensure that they are getting the right vitamins and minerals
This is regulations and procedure that are intended to prevent accidents and injuries in the work place or public environments
Best practice
Staff should receive health and safety training which it is important that they know about it and they are kept up to date with the training which will help to ensure their safety
These are a reequipment from Ofsted who state that they should be identity the environment that need to be checked regally when and by who these need to be checked and how they will be checked
Best practice
Best practice will be to ensure that a risk assessment is done daily however it should be done throughout the day and not just in the morning as risk develop throughout the day by doing this will ensure the safety of the children
This is abuse where the child is being exploited for money power or status children can be tricked in to thinking that they are being valued and loved they may be invited to party’s and be give drugs and alcohol
Best practice
I will write down what I have witnessed or has been disclosed and I would need to go to the DSL in the setting and report my findings I also need to make sure that it is factual, and it is worded how it was said by the child
The procedures for serious case reviews and how they differ from public inquiries
Serious case reviews
When there has been a death of a child where abuse or neglect is known, or it is suspected the local children safeguarding children board carries our serious case review, this is where all the services that where involved with the child and their family such as social services and independent experts are required to look in depth at their own work, they then need to identify what could have contributed to the child’s death
Public inquiries
These inquiry’s follow the cases where the child protection failed this looks at where the practice could be improved and how the recommendations can be given and where they can learn lessons. A report is then made to the child protection committee or the safeguarding board. The report doesn’t all ways become public however it is sometimes in the public best interests that it is made public this happens where a child death was avoidable, but the professional practice was inadequate in order to protect the child
The difference between serious case reviews and public inquiries are
Serious case reviews follow a case of a child’s death as a result of abuse or neglect
Look into their own work too see what could have cause the child death
Used to improve the agencies who are involved in the case
Identify what lessons need to be learnt and the action that needs to be taken
Public inquires follow cases where child protection has failed
Public inquire look at where lessons can be learnt
Public inquires do not all ways become public
Identifies where improvements can be made
The impact serious case reviews have on all stakeholders involved in safeguarding children.
serious case reviews will have an impact on the wat an agency deals with situations. This may need them to review and thy may change how they deal with cases and certain situation because the way that they dealt with a case may have shown that it didn’t work, or it didn’t work as well as it could have it will also help them to develop new ways in dealing with them
individuals involved
serious case reviews will have impact on an individual who first dealt with it. This may require them to develop further on their knowledge to enable them to spot signs earlier then what they did. However they may not have received training which will prompt the setting to put them on a safeguarding training
How serious case reviews have informed practice.

A serious case review is done when a child dies or they have been seriously harmed as a result of being abused or neglected. This is done in order to identify the ways in which the professionals and organisations can improve on the way that they work together in order to safeguard children by doing this will help to prevent incidents that are similar happening to another child. In addition, these helps setting to put polices in to place

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