The War Department under one roof. The size

The work I have chosen for this assignment is the Pentagon.

The architect who designed the Pentagon was George Bergstrom ( The time period from the general chronology is the 19th century. The construction of this building took place from 1941 to 1943. The American culture influenced the creation of this building. The Pentagon is located in Arlington, Virginia. It is home to the Department of Defense and serves as military headquarters for the United States.

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What makes this building unique is it the largest office building in the world. The Pentagon is a 6.24-million-square-foot concrete structure covering thirty-four acres (

There are a number of cultural aspects that are reflected in the Pentagon. These aspects include the size of the building, the rate of construction, the materials used and the classical elements used in the design. First, the size of the building. The main reason to build such a large structure was to have the entire U.S. War Department under one roof. The size of the building reflects the United States political influence as well as our power. Second, the rate of construction, it began on the eve the United States entered into World War II.

The building was constructed in just seventeen months. The speed of the construction also reflects the power and strength of the United States. Third, the materials used were concrete and fire proof walls. These material reflect the strength of the United States. Fourth, the classic design communicated symmetry, straight lines and balance.

The Pentagon is iconic, five-sided shape, the Pentagon is one of the world’s most recognizable buildings. It has come to serve as a symbol of American military strength (https://www.encyclopediavirginia.

org/Pentagon_The). The architect chose a pentagon shape since it created shorter interior distances than using a rectangle and the straight sides were easier to build than a circular building. The shape also reflects traditional fortress constructions, as well as Civil War-era battlements (http://www.history.

com/topics/pentagon). This fortress structured influenced how other countries perceived the United States. The structure sends a political message of power and strength.


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