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The world observed through eyes that seeRevelations for the 21st century08.10.2013The true “Walking Dead” – the deeper levels of social engineering explainedIn the following I will try to cast a light on the deeper, spiritual levels of social engineering. Unless more people start realizing that we are in a spiritual struggle, social engineering will remain effective in degrading us and there will be further self imposed suffering. In case you are not into spiritu-religious texts, just regard “spirit” as the life energy taken in through breath (oxygen).

Our species is actually fairly easy to manage, if you have the key to how we function and what we are. I don’t claim that I know the last secret of social engineering, but I am aware of how the various levels work, I know the main buttons that are being pushed, why these buttons are so incredibly effective on mass scale and how some of our natural weaknesses are being taken advantage of. The information that I provide below is sufficient to become aware not only of the obvious, physical, but also of the far more relevant, “invisible” manipulation (mental , spiritual). Becoming aware of these deeper layers will enable you to start blocking such manipulation that so far you might not have been aware of. In case you perceive yourself as being “allergic” to spiritual and religious ideas, you may want to read on, just to get the spiritual side of argumentation and perhaps plant a seed in your mind. The manipulation must be realized and neutralized by a critical mass of perhaps 5% of the population, this would be enough to lead the rest. It is without doubt going to be a long, but hopefully not too painful awakening process, which we should expect to take some decades, perhaps centuries.

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But anyone can break free on individual basis and accelerate the process for the species and be a pioneer in what I would call humanity`s spiritual strive to become aware again of its own nature.Western society is currently moving from Dependence to Bondage. “Spiritual faith” can be translated as “faith in one`s own power”In pre- Gnostic and Gnostic times no distinction was yet made between “nature”, “science” and “spirituality”, and what people today would refer to as the supposed external entity named “Shaitan” or “Satan” (based on Khemet “Seth”) was widely worshiped at that time, because this internal force was at that time still understood to be the greatest benefactor of man, placing temptations and necessary “negative” experience in front of him, without which life would remain stagnant and futile.

Positivity needs something to distinguish itself from, a “stepping stone”, so to say. The harder life gets (e.g. during a bloody war), the more people turn inwards (spiritual) again and start taking life into their own hands and take responsibility for their own fate. Hardships are thus a catalyst for propelling people to a brighter future. Without “bad” things there could not even be any awareness for “good” things.

Without a night we would perceive no such thing as a day. The world we live in is dual in nature, and this duality as universal law penetrates all things, including the various levels of human nature. How hard must life get for people to develop an urge to take life into their own hands? Is it sufficient to watch the news, pay taxes and vote every four years? If you were a benevolent ruler, what would you do? Would you create hardships for people to keep them active, or would you make life for them as comfortable as possible, so they can remain in a passive state? The logical answer is that a ruler is well advised to take care of both. Keeping this in mind might help you to transcend the common perception that things are purely “good” or “bad”. There is good in bad and there is bad in good.en-gi-neer-ing: the work of designing and creating (.

..) systems by using scientific methodsIn case you are not aware, “social engineering” is a term that summarizes the activities undertaken by people who are in control of society to stay in control through manipulation of the controlled. Every shepherd needs to manage his sheep, otherwise he would be redundant. The very nature of manipulation for power purposes is that ultimately, the controlled must be convinced to do everything to them selves.

This is a natural requirement, because human beings have free will and cannot be forced to do things against their own will. Over the millennia, such manipulation with the purpose of engineering society has evolved into an extremely sophisticated science. As it must be applied unnoticed, it has to be mostly based on deception. You might be surprised to learn how ancient such techniques are and how deep such deception goes today. It is a commonly accepted fact that there always have been physical and mental manipulation. Simple examples are police functions and war propaganda. But what I would like to point out, is that the manipulation goes far beyond the physical and mental – in fact, the most profound part of social engineering is its spiritual component. Spiritual manipulation can not be openly perceived by the 5 senses, as such, the manipulation that I am about to describe is not directly perceivable, nevertheless, it does take place within our own heads and it does effect our life force energy.

I will try to explain in simple terms how this technology works, because it is a technology, in fact, one based on most ancient knowledge about the nature of man. It is nothing “supernatural”, because the term “supernatural” in the sense of “departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature” does not apply here, because man is part of nature and any way in which he can be manipulated must obey laws of nature. If “nature” is defined as “all that what is and was not caused or made by people”, then what is supposed to be the meaning of something “above” nature, e.

g. “supernatural”? The simple fact is that these modern words have an inconsistent, confusing meaning and if you read on, you will understand, why we are made to use such words today. If we can agree that “nature” compromises all that what is (including the planets, the suns, the universe and everything that we cannot perceive with our limited senses), then there can be nothing that is not, or that is “above” that what is. This is in fact the true origin of the word “nature”, which derives from Egyptian “Neter” and is often erroneously translated to “god”. Ancient Egypt did not worship any god, they worshiped nature. As often the case, etymological dictionaries will give you the Latin root – but they don`t tell you where the Romans took this from (and they certainly don`t tell you, that the Latin language was taken from Egypt by the Romans, it was a mystery language, just like Hebrew).I am making the point here that western society today is nearly 100% fabricated in all of its aspects, i.e.

intentionally, scientifically designed and rolled out. While it is a heartwarming, romantic idea that things may be “accidental” or “chaotic”, nothing could be further from the truth. Clear Laws govern the universe and our world is being controlled and designed by very few, highly intelligent and sophisticated people, who currently exercise their power by withholding and secretly applying an ancient technology (=knowledge) that was previously taught in the temples and was the nucleus of a fair and just society. As outlined above, there really is nothing “bad” about this. It is natural and a fact of history and should now serve as our stepping stone for our growth, a hurdle that we need to overcome to raise ourselves.

And the good news is, the knowledge is not hidden. Our ancestors have preserved it in stone for us and it is merely our individual choice, whether we are content living in the way we currently do (atomic threat, rampant diseases, poverty, mafia governments, corporate domination, environmental destruction, central banking, injustice, etc.) or whether we personally wish to change this and walk the more difficult path of individual awakening. Each one must make proficiency on their own. Making proficiency means, we need to prepare for and win a war within us. Despite all the talk about governments, authorities and gods, the most powerful entity in your life is you.

This is a great gift but to most people a burden too heavy to carry. The key to understanding the deeper components of social engineering is the original, Egyptian version of what today is commonly referred to as “Jewish Kaballah”. The fact that Hebrew/ Jewish doctrine was introduced to Canaan by black, Egyptian priests, is one of the secrets of true history that are carefully guarded and which are not supposed to be understood . It is no accident that the term “Cabal” is sometimes used to describe the conspiring people behind the curtain of society who hold the real power. Indeed, as I will argue, such people do exist and their power is based on applied knowledge (“Technology”) of Kaballah, using (mass) ritual, (linguistic) deception and certain weak spots in the human brain anatomy, which I will point out below .

The original system on which the rather confusing and unpractical “Kaballah” is based (if you follow my blog you may be aware), is not “Jewish” (anyone dare to define what a “Jew” is, step right up, give it your best shot), but of Egyptian origin and in Khemet this system was referred to as “Paut Neter”, “Nature Tree”, or “Tree of Life”. It is a systematic, graphical depiction (a literal “mind map”) of the different natural forces that are active within us, and which work in a unified way to form what we perceive as “ourselves” and which create in a complex process the experience which we perceive as our “life”, which, as I will not grow tired to emphasize, is an illusion of mind. Man, know thyself! The words of the great oracle refer to the fact, that all is mind.The real walking dead look more normalModern Physics confirms, and ancients were fully aware, that all is mind.

We are not just our bodies. Everything on the “outside” is scientifically proven to be an illusion created by the slowing down of photon energy/light/intelligence particles, which give us the illusion of perceiving condensed “matter”. You and I don’t exist and we never have existed as separate beings, “life” is a dream state and “time” is an illusion created by our illusory, physical condition. What we refer to as “life” today, in ancient times used to be called “death” – which is the death of our true self (divine aspects of what most people call “soul”) while being in the physical body (illusion). Great understanding will come to you if you approach the allegories contained in Koran and Bible with this key, it unlocks these mysteries. A “dead” person according to the ancients is more specifically a person walking the earth and acting under the dominant influence of animal desire and emotions. Do you see who are the real “Walking Dead” and how Hollywood is mocking us and trying to make us aware at the same time? Do you not see how “Exodus” is the struggle of waking up and how the Red Sea is the human body? How “Revelations” is an initiation ceremony and the “Beasts” the various stages?Anubis assisting in the Weighing of the Heart ceremony (Book of the Dead)Dogs tend to listen to commands, even though they do not understand the meaning of words. modern times, this is happening on grandest scale.

..With this key in hand you now understand the part of Egyptian teachings that even the highest decorated professors of Egyptology have missed to understand (or pretend to have missed, against generous salaries). You now know why Anubis, son of Nebt-Het and Osiris, was called the “guide of the dead”: he would guide people in this life (not after it) and he is the “son” (product) of imagination (Nebt-Het) and the true self (Osiris) and his modern name could for example be “positive thinking” (even though the source of positivity would be an entirely different one). You now also understand why Osiris “rules the underworld”, the realm of the dead, or Amenta, which is life on earth, not after death and not somewhere “below”. The Vatican has deceivingly invented a post-mortem basement in the house of spirituality and that can be used to scare people and make them obedient (and hand over their money). The mummification of Ausar (also done by Anubis) thus means to make the higher self incorruptible in the physical realm. Thus I have just revealed the secret meaning of mummification (but not the Alchemical one).

“Hell” is life in the human body from point of view of the incarnated soul. There is no such thing as “death”, life is eternal (flesh of course is not). But I am getting ahead of myself.Weighing of the heart ceremony, “Book of Coming Forth by Day”The oldest book of the worldThe Pert Em Hru is the oldest (religious) book in the world. “Book of the dead” is a wrong translation, because “Hru” stands for Heru and means “light, coming forth, day”, so it is the “Book of coming forth by day”. The mistranslation “Book of the Dead” however is also satisfactory, if you apply the above key that life on earth is “death”. Therefore, the oldest book in the world is a book written about YOU, because you are currently dead (while in your body). The words “womb” and “tomb” are not only similar in English, but also in Greek (Soma/ Sema).

The body is the womb/ tomb of the soul. The grand goal of Egyptian initiation is to “rise from the dead”, but, as you now may understand, not after life, but here and today. Initiation aims at a controlled, forced, spiritual awakening during lifetime, which must be accomplished by defeating the own Ego (battle against Seth), the (re-) unification of Osiris (higher, true self) and Isis (lower, false self) of our dual nature. It means to be “born again”, as Christians would call it (without understanding that this is an Egyptian concept and what it really means and of course, Christians are not provided with the knowledge and tools of how to achieve this by their church).Do you have a consistent Cosmogony? Can it stand the test of the 7 Liberal Arts?Does it stand up to a thorough Cosmology?Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism all fail in these….

Today`s social engineers mercilessly exploit the fact that most of us are unaware of our true nature, where we are, why we are here and what our purpose is and how all of this fits into a meaningful, cohesive Cosmogony, which can be studied through a Cosmology and be confirmed by practical experience. We have not been taught and do not realize that there are “Neter” (forces of nature) within us, that these work in a coordinated way and that they control the illusion of life from our inside and that these are intelligent, spiritual forces. If you have read this far without dismissing this text as “New Age” or categorizing it in another way, and still care to read on, I will now get into the practical part. I will work my way from the most dense (Sphere 10) to the barrier of awakening (Sphere 7). In short, the following are the levels that are used to control us:The Paut NeterSphere 10b, KHAB (part of GEB): our physical body, which generates our 5-senses experience, and the emotionsSphere 10a, KHAIBIT (part of GEB): our “spirit”, which is the energy that animates us, taken in through breath, also called “animal soul”Sphere 9, AUSET: our perceived “Ego” (“lower”, or “false self”), our belief about what we are, our name, our family, likes and dislikes, capabilities and shortcomings; the entire set of attributes that in our view make up what we believe to be our “self”, the focal point of our personalitySphere 8, SEBEK: our intellect, lower left brain, mainly verbal thinking, which is the divisionary, “analytical” thinkingSphere 7, HET HERU: our imagination, lower right brain, mainly visual thinking, which is the “holistic”, syncretic thinkingSphere 6, HERU: our power of will, the only truly free element within human natureHere is how these components are used to engineer society:Social Engineering, Step 1Sphere 10b, KHABStep1 compromises the tools designed to make us identify with our physical body and to make us believe that outside things are real, taking advantage of the extreme limitation of our 5 senses. It makes use of emotions and sensual energies, both of which are emanated by the “animal” body (it is called “animal” because animals have the same feelings and senses that we have, they only lack free will, as they are driven by automatisms and instinct)- promote a strong fashion/ beauty culture (Plato already stated the importance of this 2,300 years ago in “Republic”)- promote visible virtues and abilities as superior to invisible ones (make the Sports star appear more important than someone who helps others, e.

g. a nurse)- control media top down, both visual and verbal (Hollywood, t.v., Internet, newspapers)- create a cult of body, enforce worship of beauty “models”, define and control beauty standard, also through “fashion”- assure earliest possible contact with sexuality (body chemistry in puberty stops neurological development, early sexuality keeps people stupid). Sexualize children series and pop stars and toys (e.

g. Barbie and Ken role models)- degrade adult sexuality to pornography, specifically targeting the males, sexualize peoples` daily lives as much as possible, promote homosexuality (e.g. by posing as “liberal” and “open minded”)- degrade healers to “Physicians” – only dealing with the physical ensures that doctors are not able to heal (they can only prescribe chemicals that further damage the body), sick people are busy with themselves and easy to control- ensure that there is pollution of the 5 senses (noise level in cities, weaken childrens` eyes early by making them use books before the age of 7, senses overload through smart phone roll out, pollution, use chemical agents to change eating and drinking habits, etc)- confuse and mis-educate about nutrition and health on the grandest possible scale, by making use of the “tyranny of opinions”. Sick people are busy with themselves and can be easily ruled (and are very profitable!)- support creation of certain physical addictions (legalize and allow promotion of damaging, unnatural drugs such as Alcohol and Cocaine, make natural healing plants illegal)- Encourage people to cardiac overload (“just do it”- trap), keep them constantly out of breath, encourage physical exhaustion, create physical “suspense” (breath suspended, body chemistry activated).

Create slogans and teachings that links “health” to having a healthy body- Withdraw knowledge about the double nature of sexuality and demonize through religion (kundalini, tantra). Channel sexual energy to animal sex/ pornography- apply all sorts of techniques of Eugenics (e.g. lower sperm cells in males through food additives/ chemicals)- Generate means of keeping people in perpetual, strong emotions (e.g.

high drama movies, constant flow of negativity on t.v.), emotions operate through the lower animal (limbic) brain and activate the Hypothalamus, the great control center of chemical substances in our body and “father” of health (and dis-ease).- Make extensive use of the greatest enemy of man, which is fear, this is a leftover of the “fight-or-flight” lower animal brain, the R-complex, or “Reptilian” brain. Fear of the unknown also prevents higher learning and it is the “first enemy” of the Toltec warrior.

Fear is a feature of the animal body. It can be shut off completely and permanently.R-Complex (Reptilian), Limbic (Mammalian) and Neocortex (unique to Humans)Social Engineering, Step 2Sphere 10a: KHAIBITStep 2 compromises social engineering tools that go hand in hand with the tools in 10b) and that are specifically applied to weaken our spirit (life energy) and to keep us unaware that such thing as spiritual energy even exists.- create spiritual confusion by rolling out religion (note how bloody they were established!) and by destroying the peoples own spiritual systems (labeled as “pagan” in an arrogant way today).- keep people constantly out of breath (“suspense”).

This can be achieved physically and also mentally through constant flow of “bad” news through media. The higher the breathing rate, the lower the spiritual energy and the greater the focus on the animal body.- take great care that everything that would be potentially, spiritually beneficial is made to appear as “bad”, scary or “evil” or “supernatural”, e.g. Magic, spirit invocations, “cursing”, rituals, extrasensory abilities, darkness, old women (e.g.

the Disney/ fairy tale agenda), witches, the goat (Capricorn), Pentagram (Venus symbol), Lucifer (pineal gland), trance, etc. – Externalize and personify evil- allow and promote the wide spreading of spiritual teachings that yield little or no effect (prayer methods of major religions, erroneous Karma and reincarnation teachings of Esoteric Buddhism, etc.), new age “think positive” and “send your wish to the universe” garbage, while carefully hiding the true, ancient science and ridiculing it (e.

g. ancient science of astrology degraded to fortune telling in life style magazines)- make people project their hopes and their spiritual aspirations onto external characters (Jesus, Pope, Dalai Lama, Rabbi, Imam, priests, fake media heroes, politicians, Mahatma, Guru, etc.)- make people participate unknowingly in mass rituals that are to the detriment (pop concerts, Hollywood movies, t.

v. events, etc) of their own spiritual energy. Rituals work through impression of images upon the creative energy of mind.

Whenever millions of people watch t.v. events, they adapt the images generated by other people and thus surrender their creative power to other, unknown people. Frequently, such ritual performances include programming of images of planned events, such as 911. This supports the successful manifestation of such planned events.- move natural holidays out of their original purpose (e.g. make Christmas a feast of eating and consuming), offer people a diet that does not fit to their nature/ time of the year, confuse the sleep and rest cycle and suggest sports activities at the wrong time of the day.

Cut off people from natural cycles by introducing an unnatural calendar (Roman calendar)- The R-complex (animal brain) responds to sounds/ rhythm/ music, this can be exploited by spreading detrimental, highly emotionalized, dichotomic sound structures (pop music)- Provide people with as many “secondary experiences” as possible. Keep people away from experiencing true, first hand experience (this includes the photography cult, t.v., movies, etc) Isis/ AusetSocial Engineering, Step 3Sphere 9: AUSET (ISIS)In Step 3 we find the tools to create a limited, detrimental perception of the Ego. At this level, social engineers exploit the fact that at different ages/ stages in life (age 7, 14, 21, 28, etc), human beings have certain natural cravings and weaknesses and develop a new perception of life. Such stages used to be carefully addressed in the ancient world by educating people in the temples (Rites of Passage/ Initiation). Nowadays, people are left on their own and as a result, they get stuck in their false Ego and have a strong craving for following role models.

This is the great trap of Sphere 9 that can be made use of to weaken people and keep them in their lower self.- eliminate rites of passage, which used to teach people about their purposes in various stages of life.- keep people in lack of self definition by allowing tyranny of opinions (1 million “modern” opinions from all walks of life to chose from, no advice based on wisdom of past ages)- make people rely on “expert” opinion for all issues in life, this keeps them ignorant and feeling inferior to such “experts”- serve the craving for role models by supplying thousands of heroes everywhere in society (starlets, musicians, actors, football stars, “experts”, politicians, movie heroes, fantasy heroes, supernatural heroes, etc).

Make sure heroes appear as either supernatural (power not attainable by humans) or as social failure (negative heroes, e.g. Al Bundy, Homer Simpson, Donald Duck, etc). Disguise such manipulation as “entertainment”- make sure people do not realize how learning in trance works (we all daydream many hours per day, this is a trance state…)- create “followers” of fake role models that go in line with fashion (note how millions of teenagers copy their fake idols and how these idols are later made to “turn bad”, e.

g. Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, C, Alguilera, etc. They even made sensitive Michael Jackson sing “I`m bad”)- Sphere nine is the desire to learn, ergo abuse this desire to provide wrong role models (this is the entire garbage Hollywood/ pop/ rock/ music/ MTV/ TV culture which is the mind control system even for most adults today)- train people to adapt a detrimental view of learning through long school/ university time. By grading train people to “learn and forget”. Apply 95% left brain learning, minimize right brain usage, unbalance brain hemispheres- establish a world view that supports human beings as derived from apes (C. Darwin teachings)- establish erroneous view of how the mind functions (S. Freud teachings)- Keep people in a state in which they perceive human beings to be full of errors, weak, dependent, emotional, “unperfect”, unevolved, animalistic, narcisistic, consume slaves.

They will also erroneously assume that leaders of society are “only human” and “make mistakes”, the “politicians are stupid”, etc.SebekSocial Engineering, Step 4Sphere 8: SEBEKIn Step 4 we can locate the prime center of social engineering! If you favor having a “bad guy with horns” in your world view, you might as well take Mercury, who rules Sphere 8 (the planetary symbol of Mercury has “horns” and this is origin of the “horned one”). This is the Sphere of greatest possible deception and the application of it is absolutely rampant in society today.Sebek stands for verbal expressions and left brain hemisphere processing, the so-called “intellect”. What he does in our daily lives is to take all information that comes from the five senses, slice it into tiny pieces and label it with words, which are meaningless symbols. Word are merely a reduction of the thing itself.

By knowing a word, we don’t know the thing. If I tell you that you have an organ inside you called “Pancreas”, you still don’t know what a Pancreas is. Even if you read many books about the Pancreas, you still don’t know what it is.

You believe that you know what it is and this is a huge difference! Sebek is thus the home of all belief systems, many of which masquerade as “knowledge”.An even more dangerous aspect of Sebek is his segregative modus operandi. He constantly takes the world apart, analyzes, differentiates, separates, labels and cuts things into pieces. The isolated, masqueraded belief systems, which are erroneously perceived as knowledge, are then ritually repeated in trance (daydream) and have the tendency to manifest themselves.

We thus assist to create our own environment and mental imprisonment, based on unknowingly meditating on fake knowledge, expressed in meaningless words (or even worse, words that have a different meaning then we think). Names and words overall do not contribute to meaning. Our memory throws up words automatically in daily life, which often lead to fundamental misunderstandings and blockage of our minds.- base all learning from early age on 5 senses (later “empirical science”), label all things that cannot be measured as “unscientific”, “supernatural”, “evil”, “imagination” or “trick of the senses”. Start teaching language to children as early as possible, teach to write and read before they are even able to grasp the nature of things, thus alienate them from nature early in life- establish a class system of expensive education/ high reward/ social status to make sure that the (seemingly!) most intelligent people become leading heads of 5-senses science – so the blind may lead the blind! Most intellectual leaders are spiritual basket cases.

On the contrary, so called “idiots” are often deeply spiritual.- Promote and perpetuate racial division and racial tensions (e.g. low social status of black people, apartheid systems like in India, “East coast West coast”, competing gangs, prison system, etc)- Establish political parties that divide the people and give a false illusion of choice. Let those who wish to change something waste their energy within the party hierarchy- Promote and perpetuate religious division and tensions (for Christianity alone there are 41,000 denominations, 1,500 faith groups in the USA alone, many of which are competing and quarreling with another).

The greatest division was undertaken by the Ptolemaic dynasty by creating Christianity and Islam. Zionist Israel serves to perpetuate religious tension.- Promote tribalism through Sports (teams play “against” each other instead of “with” another, the fans wear their “colors”, etc)- Divide people by borders, gender, race, religion, creed, faith, political view, language etc. Emphasize the few differences instead of talking about the plenty similarities- Degrade the vocabulary as much as possible, introduce misleading and confusing words, mix languages, create synonyms and words that sound equal, alienate language from content as far as possible- Cover simplest knowledge behind a wall of complex terminology, e.g.

in the areas of medicine, physics, natural sciences, economy (scientific hieroglyphs). Make people study such complications for decades, so they become most convinced that they are fully or better educated than others, so the blind may lead the blind- Verbalization obstructs impression of the will on the life force, therefore make people talk about themselves a lot (counseling, confessions, forums, political discussions, etc), this makes them waste their spiritual power and also underlines their false go (Sphere 9)- Engineer poverty on global scale, this is the formula for power! Richness can only exist if there is poverty. The greater the poverty of the masses, the greater the wealth of the financial elite.

Without poor there are no rich. Without a night there is no day.- Divide society as much as possible, e.

g. maximize number of departments within corporations, ministries within governments, divisions within military, classes within school, faculties within university, parties within politics, schools of thought within science, etc – Sphere 8 also stands for commerce and communication, great Sebekian tools are fiat money, central banking, aggressive competition, for profit business, banking, interest, greed- Make people hear instead of see (e.g. lecture in university)HathorSocial Engineering, Step 5Sphere 7: HET HERU (HATHOR)This is the sphere of imagination, which is the “lowest” active use of the right hemisphere of the brain. Here in Step 5, people can be made to “stand in their own way” and severely limit and even physically harm themselves. People are generally ignorant of the fact that the creative forces of nature are directed by images (not by words).

Strong repetition of external images accompanied with high drama imprint external images into this facility. The images in the mind then create emotions and passions. Unknowingly, habits, reflexes and illnesses are reinforced through the faculty of imagination. Images and emotions in our un-directed “daydreams” arouse the forces of creation.

The primary tool to make controlled use of this faculty in natural societies is ritual, which typically consists of dances, music, drama, poetry or singing. You will note how these activities today are usually referred to as “art”. Sebek is deceiving us, because “art” actually is a ritualistic technology, it is a science, the science of imprinting images onto creation. “Culture” means to cultivate….

in this case to cultivate a certain behavior. In natural tribes such technology is applied to transcend and control the animal spirit, to communicate with the spirit world and to limit the Ego (this is why natural tribes don`t need a police), but in western society today this technology is made use of to achieve the opposite: to enforce animal behavior and to degrade us and to cut us off from the spirit world. Do you see why female teenage idols are always made to “turn bad” (e.

g. Miley Cyrus, Britney, Madonna, etc). This is a mass ritual (and also creation of a bad role model, Sphere 9).- fill people`s heads with millions of artificial, second hand experience, detrimental images and make them perceive these as “entertainment”, enjoy these and pay money for it (movie theater as place of mass programming, make a profit on the programming. Offer high rewards for artists who fit the agenda)- distribute detrimental (sexual, obscene, violent, destructive, animalistic, inhumane) images and underlay them with strong emotions, high drama (Hollywood master directors are 100% aware of this technology. You will now also understand why the Vatican put such great emphasis on showing the physical torture of Christ, the visual facility impresses itself strongly on Het-Heru and “moves” people through emotions. This cannot be achieved by words only, which every good book author will know)- make sure that images and programming of desired behavior have strong repetition (sitcom series, commercials, slogans, symbols as reminders. Use sex images to mentally bond people, as positive experience calls for repetition.

An image is worth a thousand words. This is the “lady in red” effect, sex sells! This also explains subliminal use of the word “sex” in advertising and movies)- make people have plenty of daydreams about money, sex, power, violence, impossibilities, egoistic motives. This ensures that society will be full of these things and people stay in need of control (police, courts, government, military)- induce a low self esteem (Ego created in Sphere 9) this will naturally lead to low esteem/ “impossibility” day dreams (to emphasize again, a day dream puts us into a state of trance, and in trance our mind arouses creative powers through images, keep in mind that the outside is just an illusion and that all is mind)- re-label mind technology under the umbrella term of “art” and degrade such “art” to the lowest possible level (modern, “primitive” art, pornography). Allow a tyranny of opinions about what is art and what not.- program people through media/ books/ movies/ news stories by supplying images, showing them how to react to certain situation and how they should desire things to go. Misuse this function of the brain massively through the highly formalized system of manipulation of imagination for programming purposes. Start with the little ones! Social engineering start with fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

“Desperate Housewives” for the women, Al Bundy for the males.- Use the suggestive power of beliefs for self-victimization (thousands of books about how difficult it is to stop smoking will perpetuate the idea that stopping to smoke is a hard thing to do. In reality, it is terribly simple, because if you will to stop, you stop, period.

The will has the power to ignore impulses from the body “withdrawal symptoms”)Heru (fully developed)Social Engineering, Step 6Sphere 6: HERUThis is the sphere of the will and it is the only component that, if properly developed, can be completely free. It can be trained to ignore all impulses from the lower self/ body and break the mind control of Sphere 9, which can be called a true “awakening”. The realization that we are not our Ego is the starting point. Step 6 is therefore the intention to keep people from developing their own will.

It is a mix of all the steps described above. It is also the destruction of the term itself, because the internal “Heru” has been transformed into the external “hero”. If you implement all of the above (which in western society today is the case!), most people will transform into people that have no own will at all. They may be under the impression that they do, but the reality is, they don’t.

On the positive side, Sphere 6 is the key to making things better and transforming society to your liking. Are you sick of oil companies destroying nature? Stop buying plastic products! Sick of politicians? Stop voting for these puppets. Sick of lies in the news? Stop watching it. Sick of the “Banksters”? Remove your money from the bank and stop using credit cards.

Sick of being engineered by media? Switch it off.Sphere 6 is the center of self mastery, the place to make proficiency on your own. I would like to summarize here the “evil” things in the world that are caused by the misdirected use and over- emphasis of the lower faculties of the human mind, which are:The intellectThe imaginationThe memoryThe emotionsAll four of these need to be transcended by the power of will. Sphere 6 must take control over Spheres 7-10.If you consider yourself to be “rational” and are convinced about 5-senses science and you do not follow any spiritual system, or even dislike religious or spiritual topics or find them inferior to “science”, it is my hope that at the least you may take note that the spiritual perspective may offer some insight that otherwise would not be available. It is my deepest conviction, whether one “believes” or not, whether one has first hand knowledge of spiritual phenomena or not, a spiritual perspective should always be taken into consideration, in order to have a full overview.

Science without spirit is half blind and equally, spirituality without science is ignorant.So, how do we awaken the zombie masses? If you are awake and want to change behavior around you the only way you can do this is through leading by example. You literally have to show people what to do, they need to have your image in mind when a certain situation comes up. If you choose to ignore these topics you should be warned: especially food additives are by now designed very carefully and are hidden without appearing on labels. If you keep consuming blindly your body may pay a heavy price and you could wind up being very sick, very early in life. Just to provide an example, you can choose to drink either the soda with sugar or the one with artificial sweetener. The hidden choice that you take without knowing is whether you devastate your immune system (white sugar) or destroy your brain cells (Excito-toxins in Aspartam). Is this really a choice you would consciously take or would you maybe stop consuming this kind of beverage? If you keep drinking it, whose fault is it, if you get sick? You are doing it to yourself and ignorance never has been an excuse.

I hope this post contributes to a broader awareness of the manipulation that is going on, how it is done and why it works the way it does.Are you willing to make proficiency?Which part of your Ego would you keep, which dismiss?What do you dream about?In case you choose the path of attempting to make proficiency, it will be helpful to escape the current media/ senses overload/ material culture (block detrimental 5 senses input), to establish a natural diet (we are not carnivores, animal fat leads to access production of sex hormones and raises aggression), spending maximum time in nature, turning inward and lowering the breath rate. A simple breathing technique is 6-3-6-3 (6 seconds inhale, 3 seconds stop, 6 seconds exhale, 3 seconds stop). Do this 10 minutes and it will feel like a vacation.

In this way you will arrive at 3 breaths per minute and activate right brain thinking). Making proficiency has several steps, the first one is to clean the temple (your body).Barca de Luna um 04:03Teilen Kommentare:Ahmed Salah RIFKY22.

Januar 2014 um 14:57Thank you for your analysis, I am balancing my 2 sides with my pure heart, like a bird with two wings to fly :)Your next step is the 4th dimension, and you find that the best way is to always promote peace for all creatures.Just breath, exhale with calm “AAAAAAH” sound and forgive others misunderstanding or ignorance.AntwortenAntwortenAnonym2. November 2014 um 18:22nice spoken AntwortenAnonym14. März 2014 um 00:21Hi superb blog! Does running a blog like this take a large amount of work?I’ve very little expertise in programming but I was hoping to start my own blog soon.Anyhow, if you have any ideas or tips for new blog owners please share.I understand this is off subject however I just wanted to ask.

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. orvalbehrendsnegs ( November 2014 um 23:29Humans are omnivores and protein is essential.

There aren’t many good alternatives to meat, either. Soy is certainly out.AntwortenAntwortenBarca de Luna11. November 2014 um 00:04and your argument for this is ….

..? people are today omnivores, yes, and that is why they are omni-sick and die early.AntwortenAnonym25. November 2014 um 01:18this. is. awesome.

blowing my mind. THANK YOU!AntwortenFemi Godos29. September 2016 um 01:22Powerful powerful information brother! To me at least it seems that enlightenment is really once attained to be a form of alienation from the world.

It just seems that once attained, everyone, including those around you, friends and family, just don’t seem to get it and would rather resort to vampirism to suck that life force energy out of you with their own common negations. Nevertheless, very informative your blog is as I am beginning to understand myself even more and so, I thank you! Peace and blessings.Antworten‹›StartseiteWeb-Version anzeigenÜber michBarca de LunaWelcome! This is the blog of a syncretic temple located in Frankfurt. My research areas are the spiritual systems of all ages, astrology, anatomy, cosmology, true history, etymology, symbology. My spiritual gift is understanding the depths of the zodiac.

I write this blog to share my insights and as reward for truth seekers.Mein Profil vollständig anzeigenPowered by Blogger.


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