The no for me. The chicken barbeque was

The worst eatery meal I have ever had Recently, few month ago, I had a worst eating experience ever.

On that day, I was very tired that I didn’t have the energy to go home and cook so I decided to go and eat somewhere. The restaurant where I decided to go was a nice-looking restaurant not far from my house in my country. I had been there a few times, it was not too bad. The mentioned eatery obviously lost quality of service provided, and meal served. I really wanted something nice and delicious at that moment because I have not had a nice meal throughout the day, so I decided to order spaghetti bolonies, barbeque chicken wings and a fresh orange juice because it is one of my best meal I even know how to prepare itI was angry after tasting the food because it didn’t taste nice at all first of all the spaghetti wasn’t serve worm it was cold, and it was over cooked. unfortunately, that was a big no for me.

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The chicken barbeque was amazing just that it was a bit burnt it was edible, but the orange juice was good it was as good as I expected it to be. The quality of service at the restaurant was far from satisfying the inedible food the waiter was not friendly at all the comfort of the place ended up being annoying. The tables were not clean the floor was not neat throughout the eatery.

even the music was unpleasant. I tried to finish my meal as fast as possible, so that I can go out of the eatery promising myself never to visit that place again. Due to my sad experience I no longer fill like eating out again. The idea of my experience is that eating at home is always the best, because you never know whether what you order will satisfy your expectations, as well as you never know how it is actually been cooked.However, going out for a meal is good when you feel like changing your usual is good as well as when you want to spend time with friends. Also, there are some dishes that you just cannot cook at home, because of lack of needed ingredients of because you don’t know how to cook them well. There also happen to be such situation when you are very tired or cannot get home and cook in order not to starve.

You can visit an eatery. When you experience what I experience it is awfully sad to be a victim of some bad quality eatery . When you decide to eat out, the process has to be an amazing experience, not an agony. And when instead of enjoying your dinner you struggle to finish it and to escape as soon as possible, the idea of eating out loses all of its attractiveness. We just have to watch out for all the tricks used by eateries to avoid being attracted by fancy places.


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