Then want to start with an outline it

Then I do brainstorming to get ideas related to my thesis, anything that comes to my mind I write down in a form of list.

After having some listed down, I work on them to form more concrete thoughts and I usually like to end up with a list of sentences. I feel that by having more than just key words down, I have less work ahead of me when it comes to start writing my first draft. At this point I already feel exhausted, and most likely with migraine, feeling that I have used my all potential to end up with that list.

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And this is the moment where I stop and take a break and tell myself as Anne Lamott suggest, “That is all we are going to do for now. We are going to take this bird by bird” (20). In other words, Anne believes that we should not approach an assignment at once or in one step because this could be overwhelming, instead we can break it down into steps and perform one at the time telling yourself each step is your goal at the moment and that is all you need to worry for now. Working on an outline is my next step; here I decide the lay out of my information.

This is where I organize my ideas and the order in which they take place, even in this case where we think that these steps goes in certain order, it is not necessarily that way, the order can vary according to how you feel more comfortable. For example you may want to start with an outline it is up to you, I suggest that you follow these steps the order depends on you.Having finished these previous steps now begins one of the most difficult steps to start writing and working on a rough draft. At this step it is where I usually get blocked and all I want to do is walk away from it and never come back.

It is like hey no more playing around, now it comes the real challenge and here is where the previous steps play a role. If all the ideas are organized you will be ready to start writing freely. Probably this sounds easy but if it is not, then the problem is in you, inside as in my case. Writing is not my passion and even though I follow all the steps to the very detail, when I am at this point it is like meeting the devil face to face. Until now it never gets easier. But once you already started then, just write do not pay attention to grammatical errors or worry about correcting anything.

After having all the information written down on your draft, then it is a good time to add information, and more importantly remove what it does not support your thesis.Never think that what you have written cannot be improve, revising your paper will always give you a better result. You can start revising your own paper, rearrange words as you work on your ideas, read it to yourself to see if there is something that needs to be changed that you are unable to see and lastly I like to check for grammar and punctuation.


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