There often limited in term of length and

There are a lot of opinions about watching movies and reading books. Let’s try to find a few strong statements that reading is more interesting in nowadays. Firstly, a author spends a lot of time to write a book, and we can find story with full of details and interesting story line. Writing a book without limitation in story length gives author opportunity to add all his/her ideas and properly use them along all book.

While, a movie often limited in term of length and budget of production, therefore ideas and details sometimes skipped during a film. Secondly, a book is a very simple to handle, which gives possibility to read in any time and any place. It brings interesting feelings when read about a winter while outside is +40 C degree.

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Portative size of a book makes easy to share between a people. For movie is not a case, since people should have additional equipment to watch it. Finally, A big variety of books gives reader a chance to find exactly what he’s looking for. Books have long story for several thousands of years and collect all of the findings of humanity.

While, movies appeared only in twenty century and still don’t have so huge variety compare to books. In conclusion, definitely books have interesting context with full of details from author, possibility to read them in different places and create additional emotions during reading, width variety of topics and stories for any interest of reader. A movies increase popularity for people year by year, however books are still remain more interesting for people.


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