There within the workplace to demonstrate, the skills

There are a number of different assessment methods that can be used. By observing individual learners during the assessment process, allows learners within the workplace to demonstrate, the skills that they have learnt, and apply them to real, and actual situations. As an assessor, evidence can, in this instance of observation, be holistically gathered for a variety of assessment criteria. Observations are however time consuming and only link, at times, to limited criteria. Detailed preparation is required, and it may not always be possible to get agreement from all parties to allow observational assessments to be carried out within the work environment, due to work regulations and time constraints.

Oral questioning is another assessment method that can be carried out. This gives the learner the opportunity to give a more detailed answer, and relate specific information to work related areas or events easier than would be available with written questioning. Written questioning is dependent on the learner have the necessary skills to write in detail, and understand the question, whereas oral questioning and answering, is more succinct, assuming the necessary skills are in place to understand the questions being asked of them.Witness testimonies can be given quickly, at the time the event happened, giving a ‘first hand’ account of the work being completed. The main limitations of witness testimonies are they may not contain the relevant knowledge criteria that is required, and the person writing any witness statement may not understand the necessary method or information that is required of them to complete the testimonial documentation.Examination of product evidence from a work environment allows a learner to provide the necessary evidence, and to explain what they did, and how they did it, to produce the piece of evidence in question. The main limitation with examination of product evidence is authenticity, as of, belonging to the learner in question.

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Learner statements are a way for a learner to provide a commentary, usually written, that will link holistic pieces of evidence, to specific learning outcomes and assessment criteria. This is a good way to understand possible further assessment methods that may be used, but on its own without confirmation and authentication, it is not reliable at all. They would also with need completing immediately after the event, whilst fresh in any ‘train of thought’, and is dependent on remembering the actual event in enough detail to be effective in it’s entirety. It is also dependant on having the available time, to write the commentary for the specific events, as work constraints may mean this is it not possible.

Projects and/or assignments are another way that assessments can be carried out individually, or on a group basis. They can provide extensive information on the skills or knowledge that any learner may have and cater for different learning styles. The main limitations of projects and assignment-based assessments are that they do require some written and presentation skills to be possessed by the learner under assessment.

They do not always offer the learner any ‘second chance’ in the event of missing deadlines for assignments, or failing to complete the project.Formal or informal questioning is another way that assessments can be carried out. These are a good way of getting immediate feedback and an opportunity to explore individual skills in-depth. They also do not put any limitations of having reading or writing skills.

They do however require a skilled assessor with the ability to have the necessary ‘performance’ style of asking the questions in the correct manner


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