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There are few types of leadership and management style displayed by the CEO and their subordinates in this incident.

On the 9th April 2017, a passenger who is known as Dr David Dao was dragged out violently from the united airlines flight 3411. People took video of that incident in where the officers are dragging Dr Dao who was shouting with helpless and bloody around his arms. Other passengers was screaming to stop but they ignored and took him out from the plane. Dr Dao was one of the four passengers who was randomly selected to leave the plane due to the crews who had to fly on that time. On the 10th April 2017, the CEO Mr.

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Oscar Munoz came out with an official statement on the united airline website and also on social media platforms in Facebook and Twitter stating that “this is an upsetting event for all of us at the united airlines, I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers”. The CEO mentioned the word “re-accommodate” to the incident, has brought in anger to the public. In addition, another statement which was delivered to the united airlines employees which was revealed to the public in which the CEO appears to be protecting his employees and called Dr.

Dao as “disruptive and belligerent”. As can see the statements above, the CEO apologize for the incident happened but in later on he described Dr Dao in an appropriate manner. This shows the leadership skills that he showed was country club leader. On the 12th April 2017, The CEO appeared on the ABC’s Good Morning show, America and addressing that this kind of issue will never happen again. He felt ashamed after watching the video and he will take “full responsibility” on that incident and promised to “make it right”.

A review will be conducted by the company by April 30th 2017. The CEO has displayed the coercive leadership skills. On the April 15th 2017 united airlines had made an announcement which is that they have changed their policy where crew members are no longer allowed to relocate passengers who is already onboard in the plane. This new policy is to ensure in avoiding fiascos which has led to united airlines in crisis situation. Now the airline crews have to check in one hour before the flight takes off. This is to avoid of finding a seat for the crew members after all the passengers have booked their seats already.


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